Ancient Roman

Romulus and Remus are the two legendary characters that are associated with the myth regarding establishment of Roman civilization.

Roman mythology is a collection of traditional stories, beliefs and rituals that Romans used to describe the origin of Roman civilization, culture, history and religion.

Roman Empire owed much of its grandeur to the highly professional and disciplined Roman military.

Gladiators were combatants who fought against each other, condemned criminals and wild animals during the time of Roman Republic and Roman Empire.

Humans have lived in the area known as Rome for at least the last 6,000 years. The myth of Romes beginning tells the tale of its first ruler, Romulus, killing his twin brother, Remus, and naming the city after himself..

While the myth of Romes origins involve Romulus killing his twin brother Remus to rule Rome and name it after himself, we know that the area was ruled by the Etruscans in the seventh century B.C.

Etruscans were the people of the pre-Roman Etruscan civilization. They inhabited areas that make up modern day Tuscany, Northern Umbria and Lazio regions of Italy.

Pottery was an important part of daily living in ancient Rome. As Roman used earthenware for most of the purposes, a huge quantity of utensils, cooking pots, amphorae and fine wares were produced.

Nero was a Roman Emperor born in 37 AD who ruled Roman Empire from 54 to 68 AD. He came from an imperial background.

Spartacus was a Thracian man known for his involvement in the slave uprising or The Third Servile War (73-71 BC).

Daily life in Ancient Rome often began with a light breakfast. Bread and water (or wine) would be served at home, or a wheat pancake could have been purchased on the way to work or school.

The Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheater is an amphitheater built during the time of Roman Empire in Rome, Italy.

Most of the historians believe that Roman Empire ceased to exist as an entity when Germanic leader Odoacer defeated the last Roam Emperor Romulus Augustus in 476 AD to become the first King of Italy.

Romans normally relied on the traditional food variety of Mediterranean region called Mediterranean Triad. It comprised of Olive oil, barley and wine.

Roman baths were purpose built structures or buildings, used for bathing in the days of Roman civilization.

Women were accorded an important place in ancient Roman society. They enjoyed and shared almost equal rights with Roman men and were provided similar opportunities to excel in education, business and trade.

Romans paid special attention to their clothing and wealthy Romans followed fashion trends of the time. The clothes were designed and marked in a manner that depicted the social status of the man wearing them.

Ancient Roman cuisine was influenced by Greek cuisine and later absorbed culinary influence from territories added to the empire.

One of the greatest scientific feats of Ancient Rome is the concrete road. Nearly 30 military highways, all made of stone, exited the great city. At one point, 372 roads connected 113 provinces..

Like art and other aspects of Ancient Roman culture, early Roman architecture borrowed heavily from Greek architecture. However, the Romans quickly adapted their own styles and were soon.

Roman housing architecture provides valuable insight into Roman culture, society and history.

The word senate was derived from Latin word Senex which means old man. Senate means a gathering of old men. Roman senate was an executive assembly or a governing body of prominent members of Roman society

For Romans, family and its structure were very important. Family was considered the basic unit of a Roman society.

Inspired by Greek art, Roman artists often focused on gods and goddesses, in addition to philosophers, politicians, and other well-known individuals. Artists used various methods to display their work.

Understanding people in the past can be fun, learning about ancient Rome is interesting and enjoyable. Some kings like Lucius were not very popular and sometimes cruel to people. They became very powerful and conquered other lands. They had patricians who were rich nobles and owner a lot of land. The plebeians were servants, tradesmen and generally had smaller farms. Enjoy learning and do not forget it is about having fun.

Roman emperor was the ruler of Rome during the period of imperial rule. In 27 BC Rome transformed into an empire from republic.

Like today, many Ancient Romans strived to earn a living by writing. Some would read their work in public, like a musician performing on the street, or like an author promoting a new release in a bookstore today.

Circus Maximus is an ancient Roman chariot racing stadium. It was built on the land between Palatine and Aventine hills in Rome, Italy.

Slavery was an important part of Roman society and culture. Romans, specially the rich ones depended greatly on their slaves for maintaining a luxurious lifestyle.

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