List of ancient Egyptian sites

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Nome 21: Lower laurel (Northern Sycamore)

Nome 18: Falcon with spread wings (Nemty)

Nome 20: Upper laurel (Southern Sycamore)

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Nome 19: The pure sceptre (Two Sceptres)

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This is alist of ancient Egyptian sites, throughout all ofEgyptandNubia. Sites are listed by their classical name whenever possible, if not by their modern name, and lastly with their ancient name if no other is available.

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The British Museum, Amara West: investigating life in an Egyptian town

Anomeis a subnational administrative division of Ancient Egypt.

Nome 13: Upper pomegranate tree (Upper Sycamore and Viper)

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The area from aboutAl FayyumtoAsyutis usually referred to as Middle Egypt.

Ramesseum(Mortuary Temple of Ramesses II)

Mortuary Temple & Palace of Ramesses III

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,John BainesJaromir Malek, America University of Cairo Press, 2002

Nome 1: Land of the arch or To Khentit: the frontier (Ta-Seti)

Nome 14: Lower pomegranate tree (Lower Sycamore and Viper)

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