Ancient Weaponry (spoilers

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And it has no limit to them. As long as youre using the Amiibo exclusive bow, it has unlimited Light Arrows, fires them insanely far, and because of the boost Light Arrows do, that bow basically does 130 damage as opposed to the 30 it claims.

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Ancient Bladesaw – 148 (222 with food)

Surpasses it in attack power slightly, comes closer to keeping up with its distance than most bows, unfortunately, its flimsy as f*** by comparison

Ancient Bladesaw VS Ancient Battle Axe++

Ancient weapons have a hidden 50% damage increase when used against guardians. Guardian weapons only get a 30% boost (Ancient battleaxe is considered guardian). Those hidden modifiers multiply with the Ancient Proficiency armor set bonus, making them far stronger than the Master Sword against guardians. Thats a x2.7 damage increase for ancient weapons. Their numbers become:

Ancienct Short Sword has the same base attack power, but more base durability than the Guardian Sword++

One of the few bows that can stand up to its range, falls flat in all other areas.

Ive got one of them, but its rare, so I slapped it on my weapon mount despite how absurdly powerful it is. I figure if the Smash Bros Zelda drops another one instead of giving me an unlimited supply of Durability+ Royal Bows like shes been doing, then Ill use it.

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C/D: Ancient/Giant Ancient Cores should have been easier to farm/obtain

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Can almost keep up with its attack power, but to compare the two in any other parameter would be laughable, so onward:

Ive got a quote that embodies you perfectly, but its seventy-three posts long, has a few massive flowcharts, and lots of Xion-

Only the Lynel Bows and theTwilight Bowhave it severely outclassed in any particular aspect.

yo question what bonus are you talking about did you mean like bonus from armor because since you craft the ancient it doesnt have bonuses on the weapon like some weapons drop off enemies with durability +blue or +yellow

Ancient Bladesaw has 50 to 73 durability, Great Thunder/flameblade has 50 to 80, Boulder Breaker has 60 to 87.

, and while its power is a meager 30, it has

Even then, the Guardian Sword++ can only get a max attack bonus of 20, while the Ancient Sword has a max bonus of 27

Damage vs guardians * Ancient Proficiency (1.5 * 1.8)

Ancient Short Sword – 108 (162 with food)

Ancient gear is expensive in part due to their durability. All the weapons have the highest durability in the class, with the Ancient bow having the highest durability of any weapon and second highest durability in the game (the hylian shield, which has a durability of 800, so it will take an absolute beating before you have to scrounge up 3000 rupees and build up Tarrey town to get a new one). The Ancient bow has basically no arc to extreme ranges as well, making this the sniper bow of the game. The only restriction is that Giant Ancient cores are very rare drops so you have to keep an eye on them and never sell them ever.

In comparison, the most damage the Master Sword can do is 90 damage with attack food or Barbarian set. Those numbers are slightly better than even the best savage lynel weapons with Barbarian set.

This isnt true at all, Ancient SS has base 54, max 81. Scimitar of the Seven has base 60, max 90, the Spring-Loaded Hammer has base 80, max 121.

The only reason itd be worse is if the Guardian Sword++ came with an attack bonus thats higher than the Ancient Short Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Ancient Bow wins by default since theres no Guardian Bows, but lets compare it to similar bows:

an 100 attack power boost, putting it at 130 attack, nigh-infinite range, making aiming as point-and-shoot as a gun would be, and a whopping 100 durability

As for the arrows, 1 screw (go with the 1x or 3x buys only, ancient screws are basically pennies in comparison to the other stuff) and 1 shaft = autokill any non-boss in the game, albeit without any drops, so save it for guardian stalkers and those flying bastardsIGN: Crow, Wii U account: PhDCharizard

Cry to someone who cares. Im too old to listen to children cry

The only reason itd be worse is if the Guardian Sword++ came with an attack bonus thats higher than the Ancient Short Sword.

The Spear has 50 to 73, while the Lightscale Trident has 70 to 102.

All the weapons have the highest durability in the class

Quick question about the Ancient sheild

Wait thetwilightbow does what!? O.oIt doesnt use regular arrows????

Nope. It actuallycantuse regular arrows. You cant switch them to anything else. Its always Light Arrows.

an unlimited supply of Light Arrows

even if the ancient Bow was paired with Bomb arrows, it would only wind up with 84 power, so that Bow just blows everything out of the water

Since Mighty Linel Bow hits for 60 overall power, and Savage Lynel hits for 96 overall power, but half the range, and the power gap thins a bit when you have upgraded theAncient Armortwice to get its set bonus,Ancient Proficiency, whichboosts the effectiveness of ancient weapons.

The only reason itd be worse is if the Guardian Sword++ came with an attack bonus thats higher than the Ancient Short Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Yea I dont understand the ancient weaponry. I got anancient short swordand its just aworse version of the major test guardian swordswhich are very easy to get. They really should be either significantly stronger or way more durable.

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Something that really bugs me here… (Spoilers)

Ancient Short Sword VS Guardian Sword++

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