Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Beginning of Destiny

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny (Simple FAQ Mode) —————– Booster Pack List —————– ============= How to unlock ============= 1. First Monster: Available at start. 2, First Spell-Trap: Available at start. 3, First Fusion: Play to after May 7th. 4, First Effect Monsters: Available at start. 5, Step Up Spell-Trap: Available at start. 6, Step Up Fusion: Play to after May 7th. 7, Anti Effect: Pack 4, 5, 6 has at least 80% collected. 8, Life Breaker: Pack 4, 5, 6 has at least 80% collected. 9, Go Go Direct: Pack 4, 5, 6 has at least 80% collected. 10, Visitor From The Dark: First stage Monday. 11, Emergent Fire: First stage Tuesday. 12, Water Of Life: First stage Wednesday. 13, Gift Of Wind: First stage Thursday. 14, Platinum Light: First stage Friday. 15, Earth Dwellers: First stage Saturday. 16, Lucky Economy Pack: First stage Sunday. 17, Endless Thoughts: Player to over level 5. 18, Flip The Picture: Player to over level 10. 19, Equip Me: Player to over level 15. 20. Eternal Memories Lives: Player to over level 20. 21, Speed King: Player to over level 25. 22, Spice of Duel: Player to over level 30. 23, Fairys Sky: Player to over level 35. 24, Dragon Drive: Player to over level 40. 25, Fiend Night: Player to over level 45. 26, Skillful Spellcasters: At least five characters cleared all three stages. 27, Cold Skin: 50% collected at the Duel Ranking. 28, Ritual Dances: Player play teams lives than 20 hours. 29, Symbol 50: Player to over level 50. 30, Wave Of The Future: Ten consecutive wins. 31, Good Ol Days: Ten consecutive losses. 32, Hero Emerges: Have the best relation with Jaden. 33. The Machines Soul Never Sleeps: Have the best relation with Sho Marufuji. 34, Beast Kingdom: Have the best relation with Chumley. 35, Maidens Heartbeat: Have the best relation with Tenjoin Asuka. 36, Never Give Up: Have the best relation with Manjoume Jun. 37, Warriors Pyramid: Have the best relation with Daichi Misawa. 38, Technology Master: Have the best relation with Zane. 39, Bit Players: Characters uses the in page two you finish stages 2 and 3. 40, Vanilla Gloom: Using the characters in page three you finish stages 2 and 3. 41, Tag Survivor: Enter stage 2. 42, Princeton Power:Clear stages 2 and 3 with the Manjoume Brothers(No.5,28,29). 43, Approach the Hotties: Clear stages 2 and 3 with Mindy (No. 20). 44, Dorothys Soul: Clear stages 2 and 3 with Dorothy (No. 027). 45, Sadies Soul: Clear stages 2 and 3 with Sadie (No. 026). 46, Midday Constellation(Noon Star): Enter code in shop menu (up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,X,O). 47, Double Triple Destiny Draw: Buy the Golden Egg. 48, Checkered Flag: Have to over 90% cards collected ================================ Card Rarity of Each Booster Pack ================================ No. Booster Pack No. of cards Price 1 First Monster (72 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————– Ultra Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon Dark Magician Red-Eyes B. Dragon Summoned Skull Super Rare D.D. Trainer Gaia the Fierce Knight Giant Soldier of Stone Gogiga Gagagigo Millennium Shield Neo Aqua Matador Oppressed People Rare Acrobat Monkey Aqua Matador Curse of Dragon Earthbound Spirit Inapchi Island Turtle People Running About Prevent Rat Skull Dog Marron United Resistance Ushi Oni Common Ancient Jar Ancient Lizard Warrior Ancient Tree of Enlightenment Bean Soldier Beaver Warrior Big Insect Blocker Bone Mouse Change Slime Dark King of Abyss Dark Plant Dark Rabbit Destroyer Golem Fiend Scorpion Fungi of the Mask Garvas Giant Flea Gigobyte Goblin Calligrapher Golgoil Grand Tiki Elder Griffore Headless Knight Jellyfish Kappa Avenger Kattapillar King of Yamimakai Kojikocy Laughing Flower Mammoth Graveyard Melchid the Four-Face Beast Pale Beast Red Archery Girl Saggi the Dark Clown Shadow Specter Sleeping Lion Souls of the Forgotten Tao the Chanter The 13th Grave The Earl of Demise The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams The Judgement Hand The Portraits Secret Toon Alligator Torike Turtle Tiger Uraby Water Omotics Wolf Yormungarde 2 First Spell-Trap (68 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack Ultra Rare Nightmares Steelcage Swords of Revealing Light Waboku Super Rare Adhesion Trap Hole Back to Square One Backup Soldier Self-Destruct Button Share the Pain Shield & Sword Threatening Roar Rare Block Attack Cold Wave Fiend Comedian Graverobber Huge Revolution Lightforce Sword Reverse Trap Stop Defense Windstorm of Etaqua Zero Gravity Common A Feint Plan Ancient Telescope Bubble Crash Castle Walls Chosen One Curse of Aging Curse of Fiend Dark Designator Darkness Approaches Dark-Piercing Light Deal of Phantom De-Spell Germ Weapon Destruction of Destiny Dice Re-Roll Energy Drain Exchange Fairys Hand Mirror Final Destiny Fruits of Kozakys Studies Gather Your Mind Gravedigger Ghoul Hieroglyph Lithogram Insect Imitation Jade Insect Whistle Life Equalizer Major Riot Mask of Weakness Mesmeric Control Micro Ray Mind Haxorz Multiplication of Ants Non Aggression Area Order to Charge Order to Smash Pot of Generosity Reinforcements Sages Stone Seal of Ancients Simultaneous Loss Skull Dice Snake Fang Solomons Lawbook Spell Reproduction The Inexperienced Spy The Law of the Normal The Secret of the Bandit Thousand Energy Triangle Power 3 First Fusion (67 Cards in Pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————- Ultra Rare Polymerization Super Rare Fusion Sage Summoner of Illusions Rare Flame Swordsman Monster Eye Punished Eagle Rose Spectre of Dunn Common Amphibious Bugroth Armaill Barox Beautiful Headhuntress Behegon Blue-Winged Crown Charubin the Fire Knight Darkfire Dragon Darkworld Thorns Deepsea Shark Defender of the Sea Dragoness the Wicked Knight Enchanting Mermaid Feral Imp Firegrass Fireyarou Flame Manipulator Flame Viper Flower Wolf Fusionist Giltia the D. Knight Ground Attacker Bugroth Hercules Beetle Hinotama Soul Kaminari Attack Karbonala Warrior Kuwagata alpha Kwager Hercules Lesser Dragon Man-Eating Plant Marine Beast Mavelus Mega Thunderball Metal Dragon M-Warrior 1 Mystic Horseman Mystical Sheep 2 Niwatori Ocubeam One-Eyed Shield Dragon Petit Angel Petit Dragon Pragtical Protector of the Throne Rabid Horseman Rare Fish Rhaimundos of the Red Sword Ryu-Kishin Silver Fang Skullbird Sonic Maid Steel Ogre Grotto 1 Takuhee Temple of Skulls Tongyo Trakadon Tyhone Vermillion Sparrow Warrior of Tradition Wings of Wicked Flame 4 First Effect Monster (57 cards in pack) 150 DP/pack ————————————————————— Ultra Rare Dark Eradicator Warlock Kaibaman Sangan Super Rare Ancient Lamp D.D. Warrior Dark Magician Girl Kuriboh Time Wizard Rare Buster Blader Cats Ear Tribe Gearfried the Iron Knight Hayabusa Knight Hyper Hammerhead Pinch Hopper Prickle Fairy Sword Hunter Wall of Illusion White Magical Hat Common Archfeond of Gilfer Arsenal Bug Blindly Loyal Goblin Boar Soldier Byser Shock Ceremonial Bell Cockroach Knight Crass Clown Dark Elf Dark Sage Dream Clown Drill Bug Electric Lizard Element Saurus Element Soldier Emissary of the Oasis Familiar Knight Flash Assailant Great Phantom Thief Invitation to a Dark Sleep Jirai Gumo Karate Man Kryuel Lava Battleguard Mind on Air Muka Muka Panther Warrior Penguin Knight Ryu-Kishin Clown Steel Scorpion Swamp Battleguard Swordsman from a Foreign Land Tainted Wisdom The Hunter with 7 Weapons The Little Swordsman of Aile Total Defense Shogun Wodan the Resident of the Forest Yado Karu Zone Eater 5 Step Up Spell-Trap (68 cards in pack) 150 DP/pack ————————————————————- Ultra Rare Confiscation Giant Trunade Last Will The Shallow Grave Super Rare Compulsory Evacuation Device Curse of Anubis Foolish Burial Hallowed Life Barrier Monster Gate Reasoning Soul Release Soul Resurrection Rare A Feather of Phoenix Big Burn Big Evolution Pill Book of Taiyou Clone Duplication Cost Down Dark Magic Curtain Dark Mirror Force Desert Sunlight Forced Ceasefire Magical Hats Monster Relief Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Physical Double Riryoku Rising Energy Shift Time Machine Trap Dustshoot Tribute Doll Common Abyssal Designator Chain Disappearance Conscription D.D. Designator Dark Core Dark Magicians Tome of Black Magic Dark Spirit of the Silent Delta Attacker Dimension Distortion Dimensionhole Disappear Dust Barrier Earthbound Spirits Invitation Earthquake Emblem of Dragon Destroyer Fiends Hand Mirror Frozen Soul Hidden Book of Spell Human-Wave Tactics Hunting Instinct Interdimensional Matter Transporter Karma Cut Level Conversion Lab Mind Crush Miracle Dig Next to be Lost Reversal Quiz Rope of Life Spiritualism Staunch Defender Sword of the Soul-Eater Tail Swipe Taunt Thousand Knives Thunder of Ruler Ultra Evolution Pill 6 Step Up Fusion (63 cards in pack) 150 DP/pack ——————————————————— Ultra Rare Metamophosis The Last Warrior from Another Planet Super Rare Centrifugal Field Crimson Sunbird Fusion Gate Re-Fusion Thunder Dragon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Rare Beastking of the Swamp Branch! Goddess with the Third Eye Maryokutai Mispolymerization Mystical Sheep 1 Non-Fusion Area Supply Versago the Destroyer Zombrya the Dark Common Amazon of the Seas Ancient Brain Aqua Dragon Berfomet Bickuribox Blackland Fire Dragon Bracchio-Radius Chimera the Mythical Flying Beast Curtain of the Dark Ones Cyber Saurus Dragon Zombie Empress Judge Fairy Dragon Faith Bird Flame Ghost Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts Great Mammoth of Goldfine Gruesome Goo Humanoid Slime Humanoid Worm Drake Hyosube Invader from Another Dimension Kaiser Dragon Kamionwizard Lady of Faith Lord of the Lamp Man-eating Black Shark Memory Crusher Musician King Mystical Sand Roaring Ocean Snake Roboyarou Sanwitch Skelgon Skull Knight Skull Red Bird Soul Hunter Success Probability 0% Super Robolady Super Roboyarou The Snake Hair Twin-Headed King Rex Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress 1 Worm Drake Zombie Warrior 7 Anti Effect (48 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack —————————————————— Ultra Rare Heavy Storm Jinzo Mystical Space Typhoon Skill Drain Skull Descovery Knight Super Rare Alkana Knight Joker Calamity of the Wicked Chiron the Mage Dark Balter the Terrible Dust Tornado Fiend Skull Dragon Royal Decree Ryu Senshi Spell Canceller The End of Anubis Tyrant Dragon Rare Amplifier Anteatereatingant Bait Doll Big Shield Gardna Blade Knight Chaos Command Magician Double Snare Invader of Darkness Mid Shield Gardna My Body as a Shield Nobleman of Extermination Rare Metalmorph Royal Command Swarm of Locusts Timidity Common Arcane Archer of the Forest Armored Glass De-Spell Driving Snow Enchanted Arrow Frontier Wiseman Gemini Fiend Gora Turtle of Illusion Gorgons Eyes Gust Magic Reflector Metal Detector Mystic Probe Remove Trap Sorcerer of Dark Magic The Emperors Holiday Twin-Headed Wolf 8 Life Breaker (54 cards in packs) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————– Ultra Rare Dark Hole Exiled Force Lightning Vortex Macro Cosmos Torrential Tribute Tribe-Infecting Tribe Super Rare Acid Trap Hole Bottomless Shifting Sand Bottomless Trap Hole Fissure Grand Convergence Needle Wall Nobleman of Crossout Sakuretsu Armor Smashing Ground Trap Hole Tribute to the Doomed Widespread Ruin Rare Blind Destruction Chain Destruction D.D. Trap Hole Hammer Shot Icarus Attack Jurassic World Michizure Mystic Box Newdoria Rope of Spirit Roulette Barrel Soul Taker Swarm of Scarabs Throwstone Unit Tragedy Volcanic Eruption Common After the Struggle Assault on GHQ Breath of Light Earthshaker Eatgaboon Eradicating Aerosol Eternal Draught Generation Shift Goblin Fan House of Adhesive Tape Infinite Dismissal Medusa Worm Needle Ceiling Pineapple Blast Return to the Doomed Skull Lair Two-Pronged Attack Viser Des Weed Out White Hole 9 Go Go Direct (53 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————- Ultra Rare Airknight Parshath Blast Sphere Catapult Turtle Magic Cylinder Super Rare Big Bang Shot Cannon Soldier Dimension Wall Exarion Universe Opti-Camouflage Armor Raging Flame Sprite Rancer Dragonute Shooting Star — Ceal Rare Castle Gate Ectoplasmer Enraged Battle Ox Fairy Meteor Crush Gaia Soul The Combustible Collective Gear Golem Moving Fortress Inaba White Rabbit Jinzo 7 Mad Sword Beast Mefist the Infernal General Shadowslayer Spear Dragon Common Absolute End Alligators Sword Alligators Sword Dragon Anti-Aircraft Flower Astral Barrier Atomic Firefly Baby Dragon Bitelon Black Tyranno Dark Driceratops Des Counter Bow Destruction Ring Drillago Leghul Man-Thro Thro Mass Driver Mecha-Dog Marron Meteorain Mucus Yolk Mystic Lamp Needle Burrower Ooguchi Piranha Army Queens Double Rainbow Flower Rocket Jumper Saber Beetle Servant of Catabolism Sonic Shooter 10 Visitor from the Dark (54 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack —————————————————————– Ultra Rare Crush Card Virus Deck Devastation Virus Don Zaloog Super Rare Cliff the Trap Remover D.D. Survivor Dark Scorpion — Meanae the Thorn Double Coston Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast Mystic Tomato Pitch-Black Warwolf Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight Rare 8-Claws Scorpion Archfiend Soldier D.D. Scout Plane Dark Dreadroute Dark Scorpion — Chick the Yellow Dark Scorpion — Gorg the Strong LaJinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp Hidden Soldiers Mad Dog of Darkness Mechanical Spider Strike Ninja Vorse Raider Common Ancient Sorcerer Baron of the Fiend Sword Brave Scizzar Chthonian Soldier Cyber Soldier of Darkworld D.D. Guide Dark Scorpion Burglars Dark Scorpion Combination Dark Titan of Terror Element Doom Fiend Sword Ghoul with an Appetite Gil Garth Horn Imp Koumori Dragon Lord of Zemia Luminous Soldier Magical Ghost Mustering of the Dark Scorpions Mystic Clown Opticlops Ryu-Kishin Powered Sorcerer of the Doomed Sword of Destruction The Illusory Gentleman Timeater Trial of Nightmare Whiptail Crow Witty Phantom Yaiba Robo Yaranzo 11 Emergent Fire (51 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————– Ultra Rare Manticore of Darkness Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Super Rare Flame Ruler Gren Maju Da Eiza Infernal Flame Emperor Inferno Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch UFO Turtle Ultimate Baseball Kid Rare Backfire Battle Footballer Blast Juggler Blazing Hiita Blazing Inpachi Charcoal Inpachi Fox Fire Horus Servant Jigen Bakudan Little Chimera Rigras Leever Spirit of Flames The Thing in the Crater Twinheaded Beast Ultimate Obedient Fiend Common Burning Spear Darkfire Soldier 1 Darkfire Soldier 2 Dokuroyaiba Fire Eye Fire Kraken Fire Sorcerer Firebird Flame Cerebrus Flame Champion Flame Dancer Gadget Soldier Garoozis Giga-Tech Wolf Great Angus Infernal Incinerator Invasion of Flames Lady Assailant of Flames Launcher Spider Molten Behemoth Mr. Volcano Robotic Knight Ryu-Ran Salamandra Twin-Headed Fire Dragon Tyhone 2 Woodborg Inpachi 12 Water of Life (54 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————– Ultra Rare Levia-Dragon — Daedalus Mobius the Frost Monarch Treeborn Frog Super Rare A Legendary Ocean Abyss Soldier Fenrir Gora Turtle Maiden of the Aqua Mother Grizzly Nightmare Penguin Rare Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 Aqua Spirit Gagagigo Giga Gagagigo Lord Poison Ocean Dragon Lord — Neo-Daedalus Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness Raging Eria Salvage Serpentine Princess Star Boy Terrorking Salmon Tornado Wall Unshaven Angler Yomi Ship Common 7 Colored Fish Amphibian Beast Beelze Frog Big Wave Small Wave Cannonball Spear Shellfish Crazy Fish Creeping Doom Manta D.3.S. Frog Deepsea Warrior Des Croaking Des Frog Don Turtle Fairy of the Fountain Grass Phantom Hide Tide Gyojin Jam Defender Kabazauls Lekunga Mermaid Knight Poison Draw Frog Revival Jam Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness Skull Mariner Steel Shell T.A.D.P.O.L.E. Takriminos The Legendary Fisherman Torpedo Fish Violent Rain 13 Gift of Wind (51 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————- Ultra Rare Black Ptera Slate Warrior The Tricky Super Rare Dreadscythe Slayer Flying Kamakiri 1 Hand of Nephthys Insect Princess Silpheed Swift Joe Birdman Rare Adhesive Explosive Bladefly Garuda the Wind Spirit Little-Winguard Rallis the Star Bird Simorgh, Bird of Divinity Sonic Jammer Storming Wynn Trickys Magic 4 Whirlwind Prodigy Whirlwind Weasel Common 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom Air Eater Bat Bombardment Beetle Chaosrider Gustaph Crow Goblin Dancing Elf Dark Bat Djinn the Watcher of the Wind Eagle Eye Fiend Reflection 1 Flying Fish Flying Kamakiri 2 Girochin Kuwagata Gray Wing Gust Fan Insect Soldier of the Sky Kurama Monstrous Bird Nin-Ken Dog Peacock Queen Bird Roc from the Valley of Haze Sky Dragon Sonic Duck Spirit of the Books The All-Seeing Tiger Wing Eagle Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress 2 Winged Sage Falcos Yamatano Dragon Scroll 14 Platinum Light (52 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————— Ultra Rare Elemental Mistress Doriado Golden Homunculus Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Super Rare Batteryman AA Freed the Brave Wanderer Helios Tris Megistus Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Reflect Bounder Shining Angel Super Conductor Tyranno The Creator Rare Andro Sphinx Battery Charger Emes the Infinity Gilford the Lightning Helios Duo Megistus Hoshiningen Kaiser Sea Horse Mystical Knight of Jackal Soul of Purity and Light Sphinx Teleia Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon The Creator Incarnate Theinen the Great Sphinx Common Batteryman C Batteryman D Beckoning Light Binding Chain Bio-Mage Bright Castle Dark Artist Doriados Blessing Dreamsprite Dunames Dark Witch Element Magician Element Valkyrie Elfs Light Fiend Reflection 2 Helios – The Primordial Sun Homunuclus the Alchemic Being Jacks Knight Kings Knight Maiden of the Moonlight Oscillo Hero 2 Pyramid of Light Queens Knight Ray & Temperature Ray of Hope Shining Friendship Solar Ray Teva Wingweaver 15 Earth Dwellers (55 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————— Ultra Rare Guardian Sphinx Megarock Dragon Tyranno Infinity Super Rare Black Stego Doom Dozer Giant Rat Gigantes Marauding Captain Master Monk Stone Statue of the Aztecs Ultimate Tyranno Rare Avalanching Aussa Criosphinx Exxod, Master of the Guard Gemini Elf Gilasaurus Gilford the Legend Goblin Attack Force Golem Sentry Hieracosphinx Howling Insect Insect Knight Legendary Jujitsu Master Maximum Six Milus Radiant The Rock Spirit The Trojan Horse Common Axe Raider Babycerasaurus Blockman Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter Cobraman Sukuzy Disc Fighter Enraged Muka Muka Ghost Knight of Jackal Gokipon Granmarg the Rock Monarch Grave Ohja Great Spirit Guardian Statue Invigoration Jerry Beans Man Kaminote Blow Legacy Hunter Legendary Black Belt Lost Guardian Millennium Scorpion Mine Golem Minefield Eruption Miracle Jurassic Egg Monk Fighter Neo Bug Parasitic Ticky Rock Bombardment Sand Moth 17 Endless Thoughts (55 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ———————————————————— Ultra Rare Call of the Haunted Gravity Bind Spell Economics Super Rare Chain Energy Convulsion of Nature Kunai with Chains Mask of Dispel Shadow Spell Spirit Barrier The Eye of Truth Rare Anti-Spell Fragrance Archfiends Oath Blast with Chain Burning Land Chorus of Sanctuary DNA Transplant Graverobbers Retribution Skull Invitation Stumbling Swords of Concealing Light Toll Vengeful Bog Spirit Common Aqua Chorus Banner of Courage Card Shuffle D.D. Borderline Enervating Mist Forest Impenetrable Formation Infinite Cards Insect Barrier Inspection Jam Breeding Machine Kishido Spirit Labyrinth of Nightmare Mountain Ninjitsu Art of Decoy Ninjitsu Art of Transformation Prepare to Strike Back Recycle Respect Play Robbin Zombie Senri Eye Shattered Axe Shifting Shadows Sogen Spellbinding Circle The Regulation of Tribe Two-Man Cell Battle Type Zero Magic Crusher Umi Wasteland World Suppression Yami Yellow Luster Shield 18. Flip the Picture (51 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ————————————————————- Ultra Rare Cyber Jar Mask of Darkness Morphing Jar Super Rare Magical Merchant Magician of Faith Morphing Jar 2 Night Assailant Penguin Soldier Spear Cretin Rare Des Feral Imp Dice Jar Electromagnetic Bagworm Green Kappa Hiros Shadow Scout Jowels of Dark Demise Man-Eater Bug Mysterious Guard Needle Worm Nobleman-Eater Bug Old Vindictive Magician Searchlightman Skelengel Common Armed Ninja Big Eye Bite Shoes Brain Jacker Cobra Jar Crimson Ninja Dark Cat with White Tail Darke-Eyes Illusionist Dimension Jar Dummy Golem Gale Lizard Guard Dog Hade-Hane Hane-Hane Invader of the Throne Needle Ball Parasite Paracide Poison Mummy Princess of Tsurugi Rafflesia Seduction Reaper of the Cards Spirit Caller The Immortal of Thunder The Stern Mystic Tornado Bird Trap Master Weather Report White Ninja Witch Doctor of Chaos 19 Equip Me (59 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack —————————————————- Ultra Rare Axe of Despair Megamorph Premature Burial Super Rare Armed Samurai – Ben Kei Gravity Axe – Garl Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu Maha Vailo Twin Swords of Flashing Light – Tryce Wicked-Breaking Flamberge – Baou Rare Autonomous Action Unit Black Pendant Collected Power Demotion Ekibyo Drakmord Fairy of the Spring Flint Fuhma Shuriken Heart of Clear Water Malevolent Nuzzler Mask of Brutality Mistobody Raregold Armor Ring of Magnetism Scroll of Bewitchment Common Arsenal Robber Arsenal Summoner Ballista of Rampart Smashing Buster Rancher Cyber Raider Disarmament Electro-Whip Eternal Rest Follow Wind Germ Infection Guardian Baou Guardian Ceal Guardian Grarl Guardian Kayest Guardian Tryce Guardian Elma Horn of Light Horn of the Unicorn Insect Armor with Laser Cannon Laser Cannon Armor Mystical Moon Nitro Unit Paralyzing Potion Power of Kaishin Raise Body Heat Really Eternal Rest Rod of Silence – Kayest Rod of the Minds Eye Smoke Grenade of the Thief Stim-Pack Sword of Deep-Seated Symbol of Heritage Tailor of the Fickle Vile Germs Woodland Sprite 20 More Eternal Memories (56 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack —————————————————————– Ultra Rare Cathedral of Nobles Destiny Board Level Limit – Area B Super Rare Ground Collapse Messenger of Peace Metal Reflect Slime Ordeal of a Traveler Skull Zoma Spatial Collapse Ultimate Offering Wall of Revealing Light Rare Dangerous Machine TYPE-6 DNA Surgery Embodiment of Apophis Fairy Box Final Attack Orders Level Limit – Area A Light of Intervention Mask of Restrict Mirror Wall Non-Spellcasting Area Robbin Goblin Second Coin Toss Silent Insect Terraforming Common Array of Revealing Light Canyon Chain Burst Curse of Darkness Different Dimension Gate Dimensional Fissure Elemental Absorber Fatal Abacus Forced Requisition Gaia Power Gravekeepers Servant Lighten the Load Luminous Spark Magical Thorn Malice Dispersion Malice Doll of Demise Minor Goblin Official Molten Destruction Mystic Plasma Zone Nubian Guard Prohibition Rising Air Current Seismic Shockwave Spell Purification Spirit Message A Spirit Message I Spirit Message L Spirit Message N Tower of Babel Umiiruka Xing Zhen Hu 21 Speed King (41 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack —————————————————— Ultra Rare Book of Moon Solemn Judgement Super Rare Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Dark Ruler Vandalgyon Divine Wrath Judgement of Anubis Seven Tools of the Bandit Voltanis the Adjudicator Rare Barrel Behind the Door Bountiful Artemis Forced Back Magic Jammer Shrink Spell Shield Type-8 Trap Jammer Triage Common Armor Break Curse of Royal Dedication through Light and Darkness Goblin Out of the Frying Pan Graceful Dice Horn of Heaven Layard the Liberator Magic Drain Malfunction Multiply Negate Attack Pigeonholing Books of Spell Pyramid Energy Riryoku Field Royal Surrender Rusk Recklessly Serial Spell Soul Reversal Spell of Pain Spell Vanishing Spell-Stopping Statue Synthetic Seraphim The Reliable Guardian Trap of Board Eraser Tutan Mask 22 Spice of Duel (58 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————– Ultra Rare Toon Cannon Soldier Tsukuyomi VWXYZ – Dragon Catapult Dragon Super Rare Asura Priest Corpse of Yata-Garasu Heavy Mech Support Platform Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Toon Summoned Skull Toon Table of Contents Toon World XYZ – Dragon Cannon Rare Dark Dust Spirit Giant Orc Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei Roll Out! Toon Dark Magician Girl Toon Gemini Elf Toon Goblin Attack Force X – Head Head Cannon XY – Dragon Cannon XZ – Tank Cannon Yamata Dragon Y – Dragon Head YZ – Tank Dragon Z – Metal Tank Common Blue-Eyes Toon White Dragon Burning Blast Combination Attack Dark Blade Dark Blade the Dragon Knight Decayed Commander Des Dendle Fengsheng Mirror Formation Union Freezing Beast Frontline Base Fushi No Tori Great Long Nose Kiryu Maharaghi Manga Ryu-Ran Metallizing Parasite – Lunatite Otohime Pitch-Dark Dragon Protective Soul Ailin Second Goblin Spirits Invitation Spiritual Energy Settle Machine Susa Soldier Toon Defense Toon Masked Sorcerer Toon Mermaid Union Rider Vampire Orchis V – Tiger Jet VW – Tiger Catapult W – Wing Catapult Zombie Tiger 23 Fairys Sky (48 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack —————————————————— Ultra Rare Banisher of Radiance Marshmallon Sanctuary in the Sky Super Rare Archlord Zerato Banisher of the Light Begone, Knave! Celestial Transformation Kelbek Majestic Mech — Goryu The Agent of Judgement — Saturn Rare Cestus of Dagla Herald of Green Light Herald of Purple Light Kotodama Majestic Mech — Ohka Miraculous Descent Moisture Creature Mystical Beast Serket Mudora Watapon Common Agido Dark Witch Goddess of Whim Happy Lover Hourglass of Courage Hourglass of Life Keldo Key Mace Light of Judgement Majestic Mech — Senku Marshmallon Glasses Mokey Mokey Mokey Mokey King Mokey Mokey Smackdown Muse-A Mystical Shining Ball Shining Abyss Silver Bow and Arrow Spirit of the Harp St. Joan Tenderness The Agent of Creation — Venus The Agent of Force — Mars The Agent of Wisdom — Mercury The Forgiving Maiden Warrior of Zera Wing Egg Elf Winged Egg of New Life 24 Dragon Drive (46 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack ——————————————————- Ultra Rare Dragons Mirror F.G.D. White Horns D. Super Rare Des Volstgalph Kaiser Glider Masked Dragon Master of Dragon Soldier Meteor B. Dragon Mirage Dragon Stamping Destruction Rare Axe Dragonute Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Crush D. Gandra Dragons Rage Red-Eyes B. Chick Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Spirit Ryu The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave Troop Dragon Twin-Headed Behemoth Common A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon B. Dragon Jungle King B. Skull Dragon Burst Breath Cave Dragon Crawling Dragon D. Tribe Divine Dragon — Excelion Dragon Capture Jar Dragon Manipulator Dragon Piper Dragon Seeker Dragon Treasure Dragonic Attack Dragons Gunfire Element Dragon Gaia the Dragon Champion Lizard Soldier Meteor Dragon Parrot Dragon Rare Metal Dragon Super Rejuvenation The Dragons Bead Thousand Dragon Warrior Dai Grepher Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head 25 Fiend Night (52 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack —————————————————— Ultra Rare Dark Ruler Ha Des Great Maju Garzett Skull Archfiend of Lightning Super Rare Dark Necrofear Dark Word Lightning Goblin King Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Legendary Fiend Pandemonium Terrorking Archfiend Rare Brron, Mad King of Dark World Emissary of the Afterlife Falling Down Gateway to Dark World Goblin Elite Attack Force Infernalqueen Archfiend Lesser Fiend Mazera DeVille Possessed Dark Soul Sillva, Warlord of Dark World Common Archfiends Roar Aswan Apparitition Bark of Dark Ruler Battle-Scarred Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Checkmate Dark Deal Dark Energy Darkbishop Archfiend Desrock Archfiend Exile of the Wicked Giant Kozaky Goblin of Greed Grave Protector Helpoemer Inferno Hammer Kozaky Maju Garzett Pandemonium Watchbear Puppet Master Scarr, Scout of Dark World Shadowknight Archfiend Skull Knight 2 Soul Demolition The Cheerful Coffin The Forces of Darkness The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler Theban Nightmare Vilepawn Archfiend Winged Minion Zure, Knight of Dark World 26 Skillful Spellcasters (49 cards in pack) 100 DP/Pack —————————————————————– Ultra Rare Chaos Sorcerer Dark Magician of Chaos Jowgen the Spiritualist Super Rare Apprentice Magician Gravekeepers Spy Magical Dimension Magicians Circle Necrovalley Skilled Dark Magician Summon Priest Rare A Cat of Ill Omen Blast Magician D.D.M. — Different Dimension Master Diffusion Wave-Motion Gravekeepers Chief Gravekeepers Spear Soldier Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Magical Marionette Magicians Valkyria Royal Tribute Common A Man with Wdjat An Owl of Luck Anti-Spell Armor Exe Book of Secret Arts Charm of Shabti Dryad Exhausting Spell Gravekeepers Assailant Gravekeepers Cannonholder Gravekeepers Curse Gravekeepers Guard Gravekeepers Vassal Gravekeepers Watcher Hannibal Necromancer Last Day of Witch Magical Blast Magical Plant Mandragola Magicians Unite Mega Ton Magical Cannon Miracle Restoring Mythical Beast Cerberus Peten the Dark Clown Pitch-Black Power Stone Pixie Knight Rite of Spirit Sand Gambler Skilled White Magician Toy Magician 27 Cold Skin (50 cards in pack) 100 DP/pack —————————————————- Ultra Rare Book of Life Pyramid Turtle Vampire Lord Super Rare Berserk Dragon Des Lacooda King of the Skull Servants Overpowering Eye Ryu Kokki Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower Spirit Reaper Rare Call of the Mummy Fear from the Dark Fushioh Richie Great Dezard Patrician of Darkness Reaper on the Nightmare Royal Keeper Spirit of the Pharaoh The First Sarcpohagus Vampire Genesis Common A Deal with Dark Ruler Blood Sucker Castle of Dark Illusions Chopman the Desperate Outlaw Clown Zombie Despair from the Dark Fiends Hand Fire Reaper Gernia Giant Axe Mummy Goblin Zombie Malice Ascendant Mech Mole Zombie Nightmare Horse Phantom Ghost Ph

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