Antique Hanging Oil Lamps

Antique design for an oriental and exotic hanging oil lamp with a frame made out of shiny brass metal with a golden finish and hanging crystals. The oil lamp is fitted with a shade made out of red stained glass, giving it a unique finish.

This, over 6 feet tall, massive, hanging, oil lamp is decorated with an intricate leaf-like pattern, a smoke bell, clear chimney and milk glass shade. Its also equipped with a brass duplex burner that generates twice more light than the standard wick.

To introduce some old-time vibe into the interior, you just need a few pieces of decoration. An antique hanging oil lamp definitely does the job and infuses the space with character. Check my collection below.

Are you looking for nicely finished, high quality and stylish wall mounted oil lam[? Weve got something special for you! Its a an old fashioned piece, that looks great in bedroom and living zone.

This hanging oil lamp is an item that provides light, but it also decorates indoors at day and night. It includes some metal decorations, crystals and a nice floral pattern in its white top. The whole lamp is durable and attractive.

This chandelier is a hanging oil lamp that is converted into an electric one. Its wonderful shape and old stylization improve aesthetics of any room. This lamp also includes solid chains for ceiling mounting.

Oil lamps were popular in the 19th century and the 20th. Thanks to an antique hanging oil lamp, we add the spirit of tradition.This oil lamp is richly decorated with dangling kits, a flowery rose painting on the upper lampshade and an analogous rounded base.

Antique oil lamp with a nice hanging design. This hand painted product features a durable construction based on ceramic and metal materials. It not only improves illumination, but it also decorates indoors.

This functional and decorative solution is an antique hanging oil lamp with a black cast iron frame that is durable and very attractive. Upper part of this lamp is white and provides good level of light.

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Antique hanging lamp stylised on oil lamp. It has brass kickstand and hand-painted ceramic lampshade decorated of hanging crystals, gold-plated frame and finishing. It will be fit perfectly to old-fashioned living room.

Vintage design for an antique, old-fashioned trophy-shaped stiffel oil lamp. The oil lamp is made out of slightly weathered brass covered with a light coat of patina, which gives it a primitive, austere vibe and a used look.

This functional and decorative item is a hanging lamp that features an old hurricane lamp stylization. Its durable metal construction includes a protection from rain and wind. Solid, transparent glass do not block light.

This hanging oil lamp is a beautiful piece with antique finish and nicely details. If you looking for a special and unique home addition, you have to choose this one.

Hanging oil lamp for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Frame is made of metal with gold finish and covered with colorful glass. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

This oil lamp is designed for ceiling mounting. It includes durable chains for stable hanging. The chandlier includes metal decorative elements and its main lamp area is finished in neutral white color.

If you are a fan of antique brass vintage products, you need to have this hanging oil lantern. It fits to drawing room, home library, office and bedroom. It adds a style to any home.


This vintage beauty from the 1800s is going to become one of the most refined decorations in your home. The lamp includes a 14 glass shade, and can be adjusted in the range from 30 to 62. The whole is hand-painted, and embellished with dazzling scrollwork.

This beautiful hanging oil lamp includes solid chains and a durable construction with many decorative elements. Its main glass construction is resistant to negative factors and finished in a nice blue color.

Ceiling hanging oil lamp with swirly design. Umbrella shaped shade is milk glass, and it looks as if it were supported by fancy wrought iron swirls. This kerosene lamp provides an antique whiff for its surrounding.

This up & down adjustable, counterweighted chandelier is equipped with an oil lamp that now is able to hold an electric bulb. Thanks to Louis XVI styling and exquisite bronzework, this lamp can as well be the highlight of your interior decor.

Add a sophisticated twist to your home with the antique hanging oil lamp, which has got the hob nail cranberry glass shade. Its a perfect gift for anniversary, birthday or other special occasions.

This hanging oil lamp is a functional and decorative solution in different houses. Its cast iron frame is solid and attractive. Transparent glass allows for providing the best possible level of light indoors.

This sophisticated chandelier features a cranberry glass shade, multiple sparkling crystals, and an oil lamp that is now holding an electric bulb. The whole piece is hanging on 3 decorative chains that are also embellished with crystals at the top.

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