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Aladdin Parts – Burners, Shade Holders, Shades, Mantles, Wicks, Oil Filler Caps, Chimneys, Bug Screens

Fenton Cranberry & French Opalescent

14 and Torchere Floor Lamp Shades

Cut Glass Shades – 7, 10, Ball Shades & 2-1/4 Fixture Shades

More 7, 10 & Ball Shades

Adapters – Burners For Kerosene Lamps – Oil & Electric with choice of cord, (gold, silver, brown or white), withor without bottom light or Oil Burners. Adapters for many uses including: Jugs, Candlesticks, Fruit Jars (either oilor electric in 3 choices – old zinc lid, new zinc lid or brass plated lid).

Iron Hanging Lamps & Wall Bracket Lamps

Bracket Lamp Parts: Iron Wall Hinges in 3 types, Iron Brackets, fonts, burners, shade holders, shades, chimneys,reflectors – both mercury and tin, petticoat shades

Lampshades: Student, Aladdin Styles, Astral, Ball Shades, Petticoat Shades, Hurricane Shades, Angle Shades &Elbows, Miniature Shades, Dome and Slant Shades, also Fixture Shades.

10 Aladdin Shades, Mantles, Wicks

10 Student, Melon, Panel & Tam

Glass Lampshades Hand Painted & Signed

One Of The Biggest & Best In Antique Lighting In The Area

Many Other Hanging Lamps & Chandeliers – All Have Been Restored, Polished & Lacquered with new wiring.

Lamps: Gone-with-the-Wind, Banquet Lamps, Astral, Composite, Aladdin, Rayo, Glass Kerosene and manyother Table Lamps, Wall Lamps, Floor Lamps, Sconces, Miniature and Finger Lamps

Of Antique Lamps, Chandeliers, Lampshades, Chimneys & Replacement Parts.

May we help you restore your home or business with antique lamps and chandeliers?

Banquet Lamps, Ball Shades, Ball Shade Chimneys, Brass Top Rings

Finials – Brass, Crystal, Austrian Crystal, Many Styles of Other Finials

Cobalt Blue Shade, Font & Smoke Bell

Feel Free to Bring Your Lamps In For:

Astral, Argand & Solar Lamps and Lamp Glass

14 Rose Shade with Fancy Brass Guard over shade Hanging Light

Chandeliers & Hanging Lamps: Many Antique Cranberry Hall Lights,

14 Red Bohemian Shade and Font Hanging Light, 14 Brass Hanging Light,

Shade Holders – Tripods, Rims, Ball Shade Holders both Plain & Fenced, Harps, Fixture Shade Holders andOthers

Chimneys – All Types & sizes including Aladdin & Miniature, Clear & Frosted, Some colored glass, CranberryType Opalescent Swirl, White Opalescent Swirl and Red glass

Antique Solid Brass with Rose Shade and

Cranberry Type & Ruby Dot Optic -2-1/4, 4, 7, 10, 14 & 8 and 10 Ball Shades

Custom Shades: Cloth – (Country, checks, plaids, stencils), Parchment: Plain, Floral, Maps, Currier & IvesScenes, Indians, Hunt Scenes, Dogs, Birds, Fruit). Silk hand sewn shades – many Victorian Shades with fringe orwithout fringe – to fit –

14 Shade Cranberry Fancy Brass Store Hanging Fixture,

Bring color samples, material, wallpaper, or we will work with your decorator.

Metal Stripping, Polishing, Lacquering, Wiring, Custom Lamp Repair

Candle Covers – For Floor Lamps, Chandeliers, Candlestick Lamps

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