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When is the next full Moon? See our Full Moon Calendar for 2018 for the U.S. and Canada.

Catch a star! Seemeteor showers dates for 2018plus viewing tips.

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for the dates of all the principal meteor showers during the year, plus meteor…

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When is the next meteor shower? See the Almanacs 2018

What is the most distant object humans have ever seen in the known Universe? The latest record-holder is a galaxy that is about 13.4 billion light-years away! Or, is it?…

When the moon is darkest near the horizon, expect rain.

This is Jupiter month! On the night of May 89, the Giant Planet will be at its brightest for the entire year as it reaches

Is the temperature colder during a full Moon?

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+ a 4-season guide to raising chickens!

or what some people call the dark side of the Moon. Do you think it looks identical to the near side that we do see?

See which eclipses will be visible across North America.

Astronomy Moon Sun

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