Remaining quests Reapers Coast

If you didnt manage to win the elves over, they will not want to listen to you. On top of that, youll be asked to leave the ground.

Grebbcan be found inDriftwoodsfish pavilion.

Reward:2 guaranteed rewards + 1 from 4 that you can choose from depending on characters class

You can meet a man near the entrance toStonegarden. He is the localhealerand he has a certain problem.

When you arrive at the camp, you will find an elf during a mysterious ritual. If you try to approach, you will initiate a conversation with a guard, which may end up in two ways:

Below you can find an overview of smaller quests that can be completed in a nominal amount of time.

Bedzie ona wsciekla za swoja smierc. Chce abyFirewater, bedacy odpowiedzialny za jej smierc, wypowiedzial jej imie.

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You can go toSlumberjack, ask him about the treasures location and then kill him. If you decided that you dont want to kill him orSlumberjackwas already dead before you met withMudbarrowthen you can convince him that it is time to go toHall Of Echoes. Regardless of your choice, the quest ends.

Award:9750 experience points + an item that you wished for

If you have the right persuasion level, you can convince theDjinn, to fulfill your wish instead of pestering you. You will be able to say a wish.

When you lit the torches, you will be able to learn a story of the prophet that is trapped there.

If you savedAmyroin Fort Joy, he surely asked you to spread the story ofSaheilaamong the remaining elves. You will be able to do just that in theReapers Coast, where an elven camp is located.

Porozmawiaj z nia, a dowiesz sie, ze zostala ona otruta przezSnakeroot. Chce bys zemscil sie w jej imieniu.

Gdy tylko wykonasz zadanie wrc, doWidowmaker.

This quest starts when you find a statue with six torches in front of it, the statue is located on cliffs near the entrance toThe Wreckers Cave. Your goal is to lit all torches.It is important to lit them all at the same time.You need to use an area of effect ability. It can be Fireball or Fossil Strike that you can later set on fire.

Niestety jedynym rozwiazaniem jest zabicieRoosta. Kiedy juz pokonasz jego i pozostalych Lone Wolf, wrc doCorbinai zdecyduj o jego dalszej przyszlosci. Mozesz ofiarowac mu wolnosc lub zaproponowac udanie sie naLady Vengeance.

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Jedynym mozliwym sposobem jest przekonanie, aby to zrobil. Jesli nie uda ci sie tego osiagnac za pierwszym razem, zostaniesz przez niego zaatakowany. Wyjatkiem jest tutajIfan ben-Mezd, ktry moze sprbowac kilkakrotnie.

During your fight withRoostspeople inSawmillyou killed an archer calledDeadeye.When the fight is over you can use Spirit Vision ability.A ghost of a mage will stand next to the corpse. Speak with him. He is very grateful to you that you have avenged him. As a gift, he can offer you an ability from a particular school (the ability is based on which dialog line you choose).

WSawmillnatrafisz na duchEdie Engrym.

Speak with him. You learn that he was buried in a wrong spot. He also asks you to burn his body in the graveyards part that is dedicated to Lizards.

During your exploration ofStonegardenyou canactivateSpirit Visionnear the place for fast travel. If you do that, you can come across a Lizard calledVlinx Creeva[1]that stands next to his grave.

He only mumbles something in his sleep,however, it turns out that he is vulnerable to suggestions. After that you can speak with his chest. The object wants a password from you. If you have a team member that has Jester tag then that person can guess the password. Otherwise, you need to speak with the man again. If you pretend to be his mother, you will getThe Wordpassword.

Award:Experience points awarded depending on how contented the elves are + 4 guaranteed items and 1 of 4 to chose from depending on character class (only if the ritual goes perfectly).

Reward:2 guaranteed rewards + 1 from 4 that you can choose from depending on characters class

Quests walkthrough: The Tribe Of Saheila, Wishful Thinking, The Burning Prophet, A Danger To Herself And Others, Grebb The Scholar.

Warning:You can also attack the chest – it activates auto destruction sequence which burns all items that were inside of it.

You must dig out his body. If you try to eat his limb, you will receive a curse. Because of that fulfilling his promise is a better idea. Take the body and place it between two dragons that spit fire[2]. The ghost will reward you for your actions.

Jesli zdecydujesz sie z nim porozmawiac, to dowiesz sie ze zostal on spalony zywcem. Pragnie on smierciPigsbanea, ktry jest za to odpowiedzialny. Mozesz zobowiazac sie do wykonania tego zadania.

Reward:2 guaranteed rewards + 1 from 4 that you can choose from depending on characters class

Divinity: Original Sin II Game Guide

If your Persuasion is high enough, you will be able to convince him that you can help the man. He takes you to a basement where you can find a woman with a collar. When you try to speak with her, she will attack you. She summons manifestations of her emotions. If she dies first, the manifestations will become weaker.

Reward:6950 experience points + 2 guaranteed rewards + 1 from 4 that you can choose from depending on characters class

Reward:6,950 experience points + ability

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WSawmillspotkaszCorbina. W trakcie rozmowy, okaze sie ze jest on wiezniemRoosta. Mozesz zobowiazac sie, ze sprbujesz wydostac go z niewoli.

A sleeping man can be found at the second floor ofThe Black Bulltavern.

At the upper floor of The Black Bull tavern you can meetCaptain Ablewether. During the conversation, she will ask you to silence ringing bells that keep haunting her.

WSawmillspotkasz duchaBlack Widowmaker- wiezniarki Lone Wolf.

OnBloodmoon Island, you can meet a demon calledThe Advocate.

He asks you to retrieve Ancestor Tree.If you agree to his request then he will be able to teach you how to gather an additional Source Point.

If you didnt convince theDjinnto cooperate, it will attack your team. The fight isnt hard, and the quest is completed with the perishing of theDjinn.

This quest requiresSpirit Visionability.

A group of Black Rings stations near that tree. You must defeat them. Try to keep your distance because they have powerful units that use melee attacks. Win the fight. After thatThe Advocatewill appear there. The demon is grateful to you and gives you location ofNameless Isle.

If you interact with it, aDjinnwill appear. It will turn out that the lamp was abandoned because theDjinnis aggressive. There are two ways to solve it.

You will spot a mysteriouslampon one of the beaches.

He studies an influence of tainted fish on living creatures. You can offer him your help. After that,Grebballows you to choose one type of fish and describe how you feel after eating it. In order to complete the quest each of your characters has to taste a fish.

Przy moscie wSawimillspotkasz ducha o imieniuSyrus Oates.

If your persuasion is high enough, you will be allowed into the ritual ground. This will let you unlock the questsBurial RitesandThe Elven Seer.

InSawmillyou can come acrossMudbarrowsghost. He wants you to learn a location of his gold that was hidden bySlumberjack.

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Gdy tylko zabijeszPigsbanea, wrc doSyrusapo nagrode.

Use Spirit Vision when you are near herand you will see a ghost that is haunting her. The only way to silence the bells is to use Persuasion and convince the ghost to stop hauntingCaptain Ablewether. If you manage to do that thenAblewetherwill give you a location of a wreck. There, you can findCaptains Compass Amulet.

If you were allowed into the sacred ground, one member of your party will have to participate in the ritual. You should pick up an elf if you can (ideally it will be Sebille). Your task is to choose those dialogue options that will impress the elves the most. These are always the top dialogue choices.

Jesli udalo ci sie przekonacFirewaterdo powiedzenia imienia, wrc doEdieby zakonczyc zadanie.

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