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Yeah, but how do i get him to gove me this.. When i ask he gives me a childrens book, blindness stolen amulet and lightning bolts me.. Do i have to fight him first?

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Yeah, sure. He can give you: 1. One-handed sword. 2. Amulet that costs 4500 gold. 3. Magic scroll. 4. Skillbook? (I dont remember)

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So I found a magic lampon a beach in act 2and whenever and have managed to get only 2 persuasion checks against the djinn so far (finesse and int), with the first one he tricks me for my wish, and with the second one he just disappears.. I am wondering if there is a way to get anything good from him via persuasion or looting? (he managed to chain freeze me for 3+ turns in combat :/ )

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