Djinns Scimitar

Wealth gives you Djinns gift (Not stolen worth 4770 gp)

You can summon him on the town when you reach level 17 and he kill everyone in the town for you.

Djinns ScimitarLocation/Where to find

Just wanted to add that i think the final version of the game has changed things. Asking for power will cause the djinn to strike the party with lightning. You no longer get the scimitar

I cant tell if this information is outdated or if the stats are random, but I figure itd be prudent to tell this much

For knowledge you get forked lightning spell tome

If you are nice with him, and agree with his reasons, and then choose intellegent option (Not all godwoken are bad)

Power uses lighning spell on your team

either way you will get an empty lamp after you choose worth 2000 gp

choosing power give you dijnn sword (not that good)

In Reapers Coast, Southwest of Driftwood, there is a magic lamp on the coast close to the Umbral Totem/posessed dwarves. When you rub the lamp and go through the dialogue with the Djinn he gives you the option of Power, Wealth, Knowledge, or to destroy your enemies. This sword is the Power reward.

When I asked for knowledge I got a spell book for necromancy Call Black Shroud

not tried finesse, wits or constitution, but i think it is bugged

choosing knowledge will give you a Tome of child stories

choosingany [CHARACTER] options (i.e Kill Alexander or instantaneous death of all tyrants will be refused and you will have to choose again

choosing to wipe your enemies from your sight will result in PERMANENT blindness to all party members.

Wipe your enemies gives you hail scroll

choosing Wealth will give you a Stolen neckless worth 4770 gp

If you choose rude/mean dialogue options, the rewards will be frauds (i.e power results in being struck by lightening)

It seems the reward is random/based on how you talk to them, for the 4th option I was given a scroll of hail storm

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