Bath heater purchase considerations

According to heating methods, the bulb infrared heating bath and the heater heating bath, the market is mainly bulb infrared heating bath. According to the function of three-in-one Bath heater and two-in-one Bath heater, three-in-one Bath heater lighting, heating, exhaust function; two-in-one Bath heater only lighting, heating function. According to the installation mode, it can be divided into dark-room bathroom bath, surface-mounted bathroom heater, and wall-mounted bathroom heater. The concealed bathroom heater is more beautiful, and the bathroom-mounted bathroom heater is mounted directly on the top. Generally, the wall-mounted bathroom heater can not be selected by concealed and surface mounted bathroom heaters. The bathroom heaters of regular manufacturers generally pass the “cold and heat alternating performance test” of “standard full inspection”, spray water under the ice at 4 °C, withstand the instant cold and hot test, and then use the explosion-proof glass of the heater to ensure the bathing Absolutely safe.

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Bath heaters are warm as long as the light shines in. They are not related to the size of the room and are mainly determined by the skin temperature of Bath heater. Bath heater has 2, 3, and 4 light bulbs. There are generally 2 or 3 light bulbs in the heating room, and 4 light bulbs in the unheated room. The standard Bath heater bulbs are all 275 watts, but the low quality bulbs are slow to warm up and do not reach the required temperature of 275 watts. When choosing Bath heater, consumers can stand 1 meter away from Bath heater, open the Bath heater, and feel the temperature and temperature of the Bath heater, and the heating rate is fast and the temperature is relatively high.

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