How to purchase energy saving lamps

The brightness and life of energy-saving lamps are superior to those of incandescent light bulbs, and they are particularly good at saving energy. Energy-saving lamps are U-shaped, spiral-type, petal-type, etc., ranging in power from 3 watts to 40 watts. The prices of energy-saving lamps of different models, different specifications, and different production areas differ greatly. Downlights, chandeliers, ceiling lamps and other lamps can generally install energy-saving lamps. Energy-saving lamps are generally not suitable for use in high-temperature, high-humidity environments. Bathrooms and kitchens should avoid the use of energy-saving lamps.

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To buy energy-saving lamps to go to the guaranteed lighting market, we must first-choose well-known brands, and confirm that the product packaging is complete and the logo is complete. The life of the energy-saving lamp, the color rendering, and the correct installation position are usually explained on the packaging. Energy-saving lamps divided halogen powder and trichromatic powder two, three-color powder than halogen powder, the overall performance of the superior, some businesses on the market as halogen powder as the sale of trichromatic powder, deceive consumers.
Identification method
1, material aspects
The incandescent lamp bulbs of ordinary incandescent lamps are easy to rust. The lamps with better quality are generally made of aluminum alloy and are not easy to rust.
2, the filament
Some of the better fixtures are dual tungsten filaments. The poor fixtures generally use single tungsten filaments.
3, brightness
For the lamp, if the good lamp is a one-time painting of the machine, the brightness is uniform after power is applied, and the poor thing is artificially painted and the brightness is not uniform.
4, the price
Don’t just pay for a lamp when you buy a lamp because quality and price are definitely proportional.
5, certification
It depends on whether or not it is certified and its content is reviewed.
6, old and new aspects
The new products may not be mature enough. Don’t just choose the latest ones when purchasing, and ignore the old models.

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