Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards Ancient Lights-7 Cards

Ancient Lights is the second limited-run Bella Sara expansion set and highly collectable! Additional themed expansion sets will be released every few months.

45 regular horse cards, 17 extra-rare shiny foil horse cards,and 10 rare energy cards. These all-new energy cards, including items such as Aphrodites Gown and Apollos Lyre, will be used to unlock additional games and features on the website,

The strong, beautiful horses of Bella Sara Ancient Lights have traveled through history to bring their wisdom to you.

a child-friendly website with games; puzzles; wallpapers; and environments to explore.

Bella Sara: Trading Cards-Ancient Lights-7 Cards

Bella Sara Ancient Lights Series includes 72 cards total:

Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards: Ancient Lights. This series contains 7 cards per pack instead of 5, hence the higher price.

Each card pack contains seven random horse and/or energy cards and 1 rules card.

New horses, including Nike, Venus, Juno and Athena, join Bella, Jewel and Fiona to encourage imagination and positive traits such as courage and kindness.

Rich myths from Greece and Rome, told and retold for centuries, bring life to these legendary new additions to your stable.

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Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards: Ancient Lights-7 Cards

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Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards: Native Lights-7 Cards

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