Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards Baby Bella-7 Cards

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Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards: Baby Bella-7 Cards

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Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards: Ancient Lights-7 Cards

Bella Sara: Trading Cards-Ancient Lights-7 Cards

Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards: Baby Bella. This series contains 7 cards per pack instead of 5, hence the higher price.

This collection includes the adorable foals, proud parents, wise teachers and magical toys of Baby Bella. The Bella Sara Baby Bella expansion introduces the horse families of North of North, including new card types to collect! Parent cards depict the mother and father horses from past series, foal cards show their beautiful offspring, and teacher cards reveal the caretakers that help the foals to learn and grow. Collect and activate each member in a horse family and earn special online rewards!Horse shoes with every card activated. Great fun to collect!

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