2 wicks are included with the purchase but any unbleached cotton fiber may be used. The lamp burns for a few hours with each filling.

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I filled my lamp with olive oil, lit it and turned of the lights. I read the illustration of the ten virgins and imagined being nearby. I also researched meaning of lamps and light in the Bible. God is the ultimate source of light, his word is a lamp and how we should let our light shine! From now on I will study next to my light!

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These lamps may be used as a example in Sunday School or religious ceremonies where you would like to recreate the lighting used by the early Christians.

These lamps are imported from Israel and are exact reproductions of ancient lamps. Approximate size is 3.50 by 2.0 by 1 inch. This is not a miniature lamp but the actual size.

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This is an actual reproduction of a lamp that was used by early Christians in the Holy Land. This particular style is an example of lamps excavated from the Holy Land. The fuel for these lamps would have been olive oil 2000 years ago. It can be used today just as then, with a few ounces of olive oil. The byzantine lamps were in use until about 500 A.D. and were made from a mold.

An acrylic stand may also be purchased with this biblical lamp for display purposes.

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