Egypts Golden Empire

Ancient Egyptian society was highly structured and people spent their time in very different ways, depending on their job and their social standing.

A Day in the Life of aPharaohNoblemanCrafstmanPriestSoldierFarmerorWoman

At the top of the social ladder, thepharaohspent his day on official duties, while thenoblemanenjoyed hunting wild birds and hosting dinner parties.

Experience a typical day for different people in ancient Egypt and discover how daily life has changed since they were alive, more than 3,000 years ago.

Nebtawi themaster craftsmanenjoyed a full life, with an interesting job and a loving family, but Itennu the priest and Mdjai thesoldierhad more simple and disciplined lives.

Experience a day in the life of Ancient Egypt through the voices of some very different people. From a pharaoh to a farmer, housewife to a nobleman, find out how they lived and what their lives were like.

Towards the bottom of the social hierarchy were thefarmers, although some did much better than others. For example, Nafrini, ahousewife, was able to afford a servant where many others could not.

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