There are many ways to use olive oil for herpes treatment. Depending on which type of herpes infection you are struggling from, you can choose any of the following methods.

The use of olive oil for herpes is relatively new, but soon it is going to be the ubiquitous cure for herpes. Today, the oil is used in cosmetics, medicine, cooking and soaps, and was also used as a fuel for traditional lamps in ancient times. Apart from treating herpes, olive oil can do many more favors for our health like lowering down fevers; stabilizing blood sugar and controlling cholesterol and diabetes. The uses are many and also span to different areas ranging from health to lamp. Although originating in the Mediterranean countries, today it is used worldwide, and especially in the United States, the plantation has increased sensing an increase in demand of olive oil for herpes in near future.

Olive oil also has antiviral properties, giving it the ability to prevent the common cold as well as treat dangerous viruses like herpes simplex virus. By using olive oil for herpes treatment, you can lock the doors for the herpes virus internally, and also heal the external damage done by the virus on your skin.

Although there are no side effects of olive oil, and being natural, it is the safest and besttreatment for herpes, but there are some aspects that should not ignored. You can use olive oil everywhere, including your food, drinks, salad, and also use it for your skin, but check the precautions before using olive oil for herpes and any other reason.

Unusual back/side pain:This is due to the changes that have occurred in the kidney due to the antibiotic.

Drowsiness:This makes the patient lethargic and he/she will continuously feel sleepy.

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The olive oil labeled as virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil is the best because it is made through a process that ensures that the medicinal properties are not destroyed. Only mechanical process is used for the extraction of virgin olive oil and no chemical methods are involved in that. The oil flows from the olives naturally when they are crushed mechanically; the vitamins and natural ingredients are not destroyed, and the properties of olive oil are also preserved with no involvement of chemicals and preservatives.

Hallucinations:The patient may experience scenes involving the apparent perception of something not present.

Do you know the capacity of oil production of one olive tree? Each olive tree can produce around four liters of oil every year. Now guess the life of a typical olive tree.  On average, an olive tree can live between 300 and 600 years. So, by planting an olive tree, you can get approximately 2000 liters of olive oil. This much amount of such healthy and beneficial oil is more than enough, and of course, we have so many olive trees in the United States. In fact, the plantation of olive trees has recently risen by manifolds, and some claim that herpes is the reason behind it.

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Olive oil for herpes treatment has not only one or two but many benefits. Olive oil is a good way to treat this infection because olive oil moisturizes and soothes the skin. It is also helpful to reduce itching, irritation and it has anti-oxidant property which is very helpful to treat herpes by preventing viral infections. All these are necessary and sufficient to deal with herpes outbreak making olive oil for herpes an excellent candidate to become the much awaitedherpes cure.

Signs of kidney problem:Acyclovir may also affect your kidney. You may experience changes in the amount of urine, and sometimes it is accompanied with pain also.

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If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you must take care of the quantity of olive oil you are using. Although there are no evidences of side effects of olive oil for herpes in pregnant women, but the information regarding its safety is also unavailable. It is hence better to keep a check.

Olive oil can be used as topical application on the genitals to treat the present sores and rashes, and also to prevent the future outbreaks. Heat a cup of olive oil in a pan and add few drops of lavender oil or bee wax. Mix this mixture well. After cooling down, apply this mixture on your affected area. For better results repeat this method.

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Mood swings:Agitation and confusion are the more specific type of mood swings you may suffer from while on medication.

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Precautions to be Taken While Using Olive Oil for Herpes

The powerful compounds found in olive oil destroy invading organisms and dont allow viruses to replicate and cause an infection, and this why we mainly recommend you using olive oil for herpes. In fact, the olive fruits are so beneficial to our health that treatment with olive oil have reported to reverse many HIV-1 infections. By fighting the foreign microbes like herpes simplex virus, and not allowing them to survive for too long in human body, olive oil has an extremely positive effect on our immune system, sometimes it acts as an immunity booster. This raised immunity makes it impossible for the herpes virus to become active again. You will never ever suffer from unwanted herpes outbreaks with the regular use of olive oil.

Dizziness:It refers to a disorienting sensation such as faintness, light headedness, or unsteadiness.

By now you must have heard of olive oil, and many of have might have tried it for some purpose or the other, but how to know which olive oil is the best? Is there any parameter which decides the good and bad label for olive oil? Of course, it is not at all bad, until and unless you have stored it for years, or it is adulterated, but we can have different qualities of olive oil based on the method it is extracted.

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Reason simply is the increased interest of the people of United States in their body and health. People like you have decided to trust the natural methods of health betterment and treatment rather than surviving on pills. For everything else we can bear a temporary episode of antibiotics, but for infections like herpes which are for lifetime, torturing your body with strong chemicals and drugs is the worst thing. In case of herpes, the antivirals we take costs us more than just a few dollars, and also hamper our health by giving us the following side effects.

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Shaky movements and trouble in speaking:Sometimes due to weakness you may feel shaky while moving around and it can also affect you voice.

Do you know how olive oil can behave as an enemy for herpes? Olive oil for herpes has the best in store for herpes patients and the same is worst for herpes simplex virus. Olive oils broad killing power includes an ability to interfere with critical amino acid production for herpes simplex virus and other viruses. In simple words, the production of amino acid by a virus is nothing but an ability to contain viral infection and spread by inactivating viruses by preventing virus shredding, budding or assembly at the cell membrane; the ability to directly penetrate infected cells and stop viral replication.

Olive oil for herpes simplex type 2 (genital herpes)

As far as herpes is concerned holistic & natural cure is the best option.

If you are using olive oil, stop taking the doses two weeks before your scheduled surgery and abstain from the same for almost two weeks after the surgery.

All these have made people notice a powerful and ultimate solution, i.e. olive oil for herpes. Use of olive oil is found in many cultures, and various religions. It has been used since thousands of years for getting a better skin and overall health as well as to cure many diseases. It also has an existence in Greek mythology, may be due to the amazing properties it had. Some evidences claim that the production of olive oil is relatively a very ancient process, as old as 4000 BC.

On the same vast platform- internet, we have olive oil for herpes cure mentioned at almost every place. But the question is- should we trust this method? Is it really effective and capable of curing herpes? These questions are obvious as many websites will claim that olive oil for herpes is good, but no one would tell you how. And without this how, we never trust anything. Today we will tell you everything that is related to using olive oil for herpes including- why we should use olive oil for herpes, when and how we can use the amazing method of treating herpes etc.

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If we look at olive oil from a broader prospect, the consumption of olive oil in the entire world counts up to approximately 2.25 million tons every year. This is a pretty good amount but there is a surprising variation in the use of olive oil in United States. The consumption of olive oil in the United States increased from 30 million gallons per year to nearly 70 million gallons a year in the last two decades. Can you see the amount has increased by more than double?

In a few months, every herpes patient is going to use olive oil for herpes. Whenever herpes will be quoted anywhere, the use of olive oil for herpes will also be mentioned. This is not an exaggeration, but the estimates of researchers who have studied olive oil for herpes, its effects and every other positive and negative impact of olive oil for herpes on human body. Many claim that olive oil for herpes is the first ever cure for herpes in history that has no side effects. Considering all these reports, and also the reviews of those who have already tried olive oil for herpes, it wont be wrong to say that olive oil for herpes is the end of the stigma related to herpes infection.

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Nausea:Nausea is the feeling of sickness with an inclination of vomiting. It makes the patients feel very uncomfortable to even eat or sleep sometimes.

Apply olive oil on the skin affected by cold sores. As it is edible oil, you can use it in case of mouth herpes, eye herpes, and even on the gums. You dont have to worry about the side effects when some amount of oil enters into your food pipe.

If you have fresh olive oil, make it a part of salad, and in case the olive oil bottle is relatively old, make sure you use it for cooking purposes only. You can do this regardless of the fact that you are having herpes outbreaks or not.

In case you have herpes outbreak at present and want to treat it with olive oil, you may need to take it in supplement form. Take three to four mg tablets in every six hours before or between the meal times. The recommended dosage is one tablet in every six hours but some acute and intense cases of herpes requires heavier doses sometimes.

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Olive oil is not just a taste maker, but is known as a reputed health enhancer in the United States. But nowadays it is grabbing attention for something more than just being healthy oil. There have been several reports in recent past suggesting that use of olive oil for herpes can help you get rid of the embarrassing infection. This has turned almost all the heads towards this previously not so much used oil because almost everyone in the United States is either worried about herpes or is already struggling from the infection. Herpes is actually more that just an infection. No one wants to talk about it in public, but the internet is full of herpes forums.

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Use quality olive oil only. You cannot judge the quality of the oil by looking at it. The color, texture, smell and everything else may vary depending on factors like olive variety, growing conditions and country of origin. Try to use virgin olive oil.

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In case of internal use, you can use it the same way as you would have used olive oil for herpes type 1.

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