Dragonkin lamp

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Investigating a gorged effigy and receiving the lamp.

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The dragonkin lamp can be used to gain experience in any skill. The amount of experience gained depends on the players level in that skill (see calculator and chart below). After using a dragonkin Lamp the player receives the message: As you focus on your chosen memories, you feel a burning malevolence in the back of your mind. You have gained new insight into[skill]… but at what cost?. The significance of this message is unknown and could hint at a sinister aspect of the lamps powers.

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There is also a chance of 1/100[1]to receive theEffypet from a dragonkin lamp after completingRebuilding Edgeville.

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For the lamp awarded by Mr Mordaut, seeDragonkin lamp (Mr. Mordaut).

For the number of dragonkin lamps needed to get from one level to another level, seethe Dragonkin lamp calculator.

If a player uses the lamp on prayer at level 75, it will save them roughly 123,000 coins, assuming the player buys 73dragon bonesfor 1,690 coins and use them in theEctofuntus.

It takes 21 dragonkin lamps to level from 1 to 2, while it only takes 27 to level from 98 to 99. However, 118 lamps are required to level Dungeoneering or Slayer from 119 to 120.

Jagex.Mod Pis Twitter account. 21 May 2018. Mod Pi: The chance of getting Effy from a dragonkin lamp is 1/100. At a rate of 1-2 per hour from GWD youre looking at 50-100 hours which puts it on par with other rare pets.

$ \textexperience = \left \lfloor \frac\textlevel^3 – 2 \times \textlevel^2 + 100 \times \textlevel20\right \rfloor $

Fishing (Waterfall Fishing Shop)

It is recommended to spend the experience from the lamp on expensive or slow skills, such asPrayerConstructionorHerblore. Spending the lamp on these skills can potentially save millions of coins, as Prayer and Herblore can cost up to millions of coins and hours of training. Some examples:

Items that are reclaimable on death

The exact experience gained is shown in the following table based on the following equation, where the floor function,$ \lfloor x \rfloor $, means to round down to the nearest integer:

Related to theMahjarrat quest series

All Weight: 0.3 Weight: 0.3 All Item ID: 18782 Item ID: 18782 All Release date: 15 June 2010 Release date: 15 June 2010 All Is members only: true Is members only: true All Value: 10000 Value: 10000

Rub this lamp to claim your reward – it will be destroyed in the process. If you choose to destroy it now, you cannot replace it.

ItemsUntradeable itemsItems that cannot be disassembled,

If the player had 90 Construction, the lamp would save 366,000 coins assuming the player used only 258mahogany planksbought for the GE price of 1,417 each.

Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence

Items that are reclaimable on death

Huge Slayer (Shattered Worlds)

Adragonkin lampis the final reward from the. Its name references thedragonkin, though their connection to this artefact is currently unknown. It is an easy way for players who only use combat to level non-combat skills. It is received after investigating agorged ancient effigyand receiving experience from it. This requires at least level 97 in one of the two skills that the effigy craves knowledge in, or using an assist from a player who already has the required levels if you do not. The fastest way to get assistance is by posting in the dedicated thread on the official RuneScape forums or join one of manyFriends Chatsdedicated to providing assistance. Like most experience lamps, the dragonkin lamp may not be banked.

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An approximate for the experience gained is calculated by taking the level cubed and dividing that by 20.2 (Level^3/20.2).

If the player had 81Herblore, the lamp would save 318,000 coins assuming the player was making 147Saradomin brewsand losing 2,160 coins per potion by buyingtoadflax potions (unf)andcrushed nests.

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