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While Ubisoft placed a heavy emphasis on introducing the new elements ofOdyssey, its easy to see that some things will be staying the same fromOrigins, with one of the most obvious being the look and feel of the game.Originswas known for its breathtakingly beautiful recreation of ancient Egypt andOdysseypromises more of the same for Greece, but many of the locales seemed nearly identical to places found inOrigins. As a result, it feels a bit like youll be playing through the landscape ofOrigins, just with a fresh coat of paint thrown on top.

Ubisoft shared that their team in Quebec has spent three years working on this game, busy making thisAssassins Creedeven more different than previous games in the franchise. For example, youll be able to choose whether you want your character to be a male or female instead of playing as the protagonist given to you. Dialogue choices will also be inOdyssey,giving the player a bit more power over the choices that you make in the game. Heavy emphasis was placed on the fact that Ubisoft wants this to be an epic RPG experience, and the new features are meant to make thisAssassins Creedmore RPG-y than ever before.

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E3 2018: First look at Assassins Creed Odyssey

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However, we will reserve our judgment ofOdysseyfor when the game releases on Oct. 5 of this year.

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Ubisoft showed off the beautiful world of the newest Assassins Creed.

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During Ubisofts E3 press conference, the company confirmed the news with an extensive segment dedicated toAssassins Creed Odyssey,a game set in Ancient Greece.

From the video footage, we can tell the game will have explorable underwater locations along with the potential for naval battles. And just as Bayek had Senu inOrigins, your character inOdysseywill have access to an eagle-eyed view of the land with their own bird companion.

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From all the footage and cut scenes shown,Assassins Creed Odysseywill bring players through incredible landscapes and prominent ancient landmarks rendered as they must have looked in their heyday. Just as we got to meetJulius Caesar and Cleopatra inOrigins, your character will meet some prominent Greek figures inOdysseysuch as Socrates.

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While the location of the game is by now old news thanks to leaks, all of the footage shown during Ubisofts presentation was very new and very beautiful. It seems Ubisoft has taken great pains to ensureOdysseywill look just as beautiful asOrigins.

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