How Do I Disable Microsoft Translator in Internet Explorer?

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@Ramhound I disagree. I believe IE is doing this, similar how Google Chrome will show things in Google Translate if it detects content in a foreign language. I looked at source of the HTML and wasnt able to find that. I also tried loading the window in Chrome (even though the JavaScript doesnt work), and it didnt try to reach At least the DOM was able to load. It would also be insanely stupid of Cisco to put translation code in their Web GUI.

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If I load this Window in Google Chrome, the Windows DOM loads fine (though I cant use the Window because the Web GUIs JavaScript is IE-specific), so I am fairly certain this is being done by Internet Explorer itself.

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Im doing all of this on a network that has no outbound access, so the window never loads.

Neither IE9 nor IE10 have a built-in translation which is the reason I thought it was software on the device itself.

Does this solves the issue? Yes. I had never thought to check Add Ins or things link that since this was a bare Windows 8 install. It seems that it got installed somehow, or came pre-installed.

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It looks like the switch actually has code. The best you can do is modify the hosts file so that is redirected towards You must understand this is NOT a IE10 issue. The Web GUI has the code for the m widget this is 100% the fault of the software on the switch itself.

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I am trying to configure an older switch that is only configurable via a Web GUI. The Web GUI only works in IE, too.

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OK, so I am using IE 10 (in IE compatibility mode), and there is one particular popup window that refuses to load. For whatever reason, IE is trying to reach perhaps theres some content in the Window that is fooling IE into trying to translate it:

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How can I disable this automatic translation behavior in IE?

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