How to choose a ceiling lamp, which brand of ceiling lamp is good

Nowadays, in home decoration, there are not many users who buy ceiling lamps as lighting fixtures. The main reason is not only that the ceiling lamps are relatively simple to install and the styles are also various. There is a lot of room for users to choose, and it is also because of suction. The ceiling lamp is widely used. Whether it is the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or other lighting in different places, you can buy ceiling lamps as the installation of home lighting, but how to choose a suitable and durable ceiling lamp for your own home? In the colorful home-improved ceiling light market, we must also look at the following points while selecting the styles and colors that we like. We hope to help everyone.

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1. The choice of lampshade. The lampshades with the most supply ceiling lamps on the market today are acrylic shades, plastic shades, and glass shades. The best ones are the acrylic shades that have been stretched twice. Acrylic is widely used in decoration materials. It is a kind of plastic. It is characterized by its softness and lightness, good light transmission, it is not easy to be dyed, and it will not yellow with the light and heat. If the lampshade is not well-selected, even if the quality of the lamp is better, the brightness will be even higher. After installing the lampshade, the inside of the room will be very dark. From a safety point of view, this kind of plastic lampshade is still relatively safe. Its plastic properties determine that even if it is accidentally knocked off, it will not harm people’s safety.

2 ceiling lamp lamp selection. The lamp is mainly to see the brightness and service life. The brightness of the light is mainly to see the phosphor inside the lamp. There are two kinds of phosphors inside the lamp of the ceiling lamp, namely halogen powder and trichromatic powder. Lamps made of trichromatic powder have good color rendering, high luminosity and slow light decay. The halogen powder lamp has poor color rendering, low luminance, and fast light decay. And three-color energy-saving lamps than the incandescent energy-saving about 85%, about 50% of energy than ordinary halogen powder fluorescent lamps. Now all advocate green environmental protection and energy saving. Lights made of trichromatic powder have a relatively good competitiveness in this respect. Owners should make it easier to distinguish between halogen powder and trichromatic powder lamps when they are purchasing. The two lamps can be lighted at the same time. Put both hands near the two lamps. You can find that the hand powder of the halogen powder lamp is white and distorted. , Tricolor powder lamp light color is the skin color.

3. The choice of electronic ballasts. Good electronic ballasts can improve the efficacy and longevity of lamps. Electronic ballasts have two kinds of inductance ballasts and electronic ballasts. Compared with ballasts, electronic ballasts can improve the lamp and system. Light effect, can start instantly, extend lamp life. In addition, the electronic ballast has a low temperature, no noise, small size, light weight, and low power consumption. Therefore, the owner must choose the electronic ballast when selecting the electronic ballast.

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