Office LED Lighting Buying Tips

In the current LED lighting market, LED lights for outdoor lighting and public lighting applications are relatively extensive, home lighting and commercial lighting are slowly penetrating, and office lighting is slightly later.

With the recent changes in the form of computerized paperless office, people have begun to pay attention to the effects of office lighting on the eyes and the body. The requirements for office lighting have also been increased. How many applications do LED lights have in office lighting?

According to LED manufacturers survey, the current office lighting products are mainly LED ceiling lamps, LED downlights, LED panel lights. The office illumination is about 400-500LX. If you need to work in a better environment, you can increase the illumination by 50%.

The field of office lighting is very diverse. There are large open offices, cubicles offices, corridors and access areas, and reception rooms. How are the lights in these areas laid out?

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1, open large office:

This kind of office is generally used in open service offices such as customer service centers and technical offices. Therefore, in terms of lighting, all surfaces are fully and uniformly illuminated so that all workstations can be fully illuminated for efficient development. jobs.

Lighting should be conducive to the physical comfort of employees and produce feelings such as health, safety and alertness. The main lighting can use LED panel lights or LED lamps.

2. The cubicle office, such as the manager’s office:

The manager’s office often reflects the manager’s taste and personality, high-quality furniture, artwork and other decorations, depicting a successful picture for colleagues and business prospects.

In the office, more conversational tasks are generally performed and various decisions are made for the development of the company. In light requirements, the illumination above the desk should be at least 300LX. The lighting in the reception area should be softer and the illumination should be better at 200LX.

3W or 5W LED downlights or LED spotlights can be used. High-power LED lights can be installed on the ceiling.

3, office walkways:

The illuminance of the office aisles and the illuminance of the office area should be a reasonable transition. The illuminance should be controlled at about 200LX. Illumination lamps can use LED downlights, or use a combination of hidden LED light strips, avoid using light reflectors.

4, lounge and reception room:

The lounge and the reception room are equivalent to the company’s “business card.” The first impression is very important. Lighting can help these offices achieve the desired results. The light atmosphere is mainly soothing. LED downlights or LED ceiling lights can be used.

At present, due to cost reasons, there may be some difficulties in replacing the entire office with LED lamps. However, LED manufacturers believe that starting from a small place, such as office signboards, downlights in the reception room, indoor small lamps, etc., can be replaced first. With a good mix, high energy efficiency, the return time can be shortened.

At present, new office buildings are gradually adopting LED lamps, LED panel lights, LED downlights, etc. The proportion has been increased, and it is expected that LED lights will enter the office lighting field.

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