Late Roman Bronze Oil Lamp with Stand

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When is an oil lamp more than an oil lamp? This handmade bronze oil lamp shows a remarkable amount of detail and sits on an equally impressive stand for an overall display of this lovely piece. The lamps handle rises up and out from the back of the lamp where it curls into itself and is topped by a lion. There is the additional feature of a lions face where the handle connects to the lamp, while the lamps body shows an elongated form more closely associated with an ancient Middle East.

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Late Roman Bronze Oil Lamp with Stand

It is interesting to note the Roman origins of this lamp, for the shape is distinctly associated with lamps from the romantic depictions of Arabic literature. The lamps elongated shape is a practical feature that has been influenced by its crafters ancient design influences. We are quite lucky to see this bronze lamp in such good condition to enhance the mood in even the most modern homes. This lamp dates from approximately 400 C.E. 600 C.E. and stands 34 cm in height.

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