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NAS:Is it not [brought] to be puton the lampstand?

KJV:of the seven goldencandlesticks;

KJV:of the sevencandlesticks[one] like

NAS:a basket,but on the lampstand,so

NAS:a basket,but on the lampstand,and it gives light

KJV:will remove thycandlestickout of his

NAS:and in the middleof the lampstands[I saw] one like

INT:[the] midst of thelampstands[one] like [a] Son

INT:I will remove thelampstandof you out of

see GREEKluchnosForms and Transliterations ί ί ίς ί ς ίς ώ ῶ luchnia luchniai luchnian luchnias luchnion luchnin lychnia lychna lychniai lychnai lychnian lychnan lychnias lychnas lychnion lychniôn lychnin lychnînLinksInterlinear GreekInterlinear HebrewStrongs NumbersEnglishmans Greek ConcordanceEnglishmans Hebrew ConcordanceParallel TextsEnglishmans ConcordanceStrongs Greek 3087

NAS:and the sevenlampstandsare the seven

KJV:but ona candlestick,that they which

INT:upon thelampstandit might be put

NAS:to you and will removeyour lampstandout of its place–

, a later Greek word for the earliera (candlestick) lampstand, candelabrum:Matthew 5:15Mark 4:21Luke 8:16; (Luke 11:33);Hebrews 9:2; the two eminent prophets who will precede Christs return from heaven in glory are likened to candlesticks,Revelation 11:4(s Grammar, 536 (499)); to the seven candlesticks (Exodus 25:37((especially the American edition), under the word)) also the seven more conspicuous churches of Asia are compared inRevelation 1:12f, 20Revelation 2:1;, to move a church out of the place which it has hitherto held among the churches; to take it out of the number of churches, remove it altogether,Revelation 2:5.

Strongs Exhaustive Concordancecandlestick.

KJV:wherein[was] the candlestick,and

NAS:in which[were] the lampstandand the table

Fromluchnos; a lamp-stand (literally or figuratively) — candlestick.

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