Lighting Design Glossary

Can create a vivid environment with attractive light and shadow patterns eg. on wall surfaces.

Plastic display of three dimensional objects, eg. sculptures.

Well suited for zonal or accent lighting.

Harsh shadows can be unflattering when cast on human faces.

The ceiling is relatively dark, which can cause a cave like environment.

on computer screens, dark executive style desk surfaces or glossy paper.

Lighting provided from a source without reflection from other surfaces. In daylighting, this means that the light has travelled on a straight path from the sky (or the sun) to the point of interest. In electrical lighting it usually describes an installation of ceiling mounted or suspended luminaires with mostly downward light distribution characteristics.

Alternative lighting patterns areindirect lightingand mixeddirect/indirect lighting.

Luminaires with wide opening angle that are badly positioned can cause reflected

Lighting Design Glossary

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