Miller Lamps

There are several excellent websites with information on Miller lamps, such as:

Fabulous Sans Rival borosilicate chimney for 14 Kosmos lamps

Miller Smokeless Heater opened. These heaters used the 3L Store Lamp wick. Owned and photographed by

Miller 0 Vestal table lamp. Photos byRob Hazelton

Miller hanging lamps, sizes 3, 2 and 0,

Edward Miller & Company of Meriden, CT. USA

Rochester store lamp made by Miller. 1st model, note pull-type wick riser.

Alphabetical list of most kerosene heaters and the proper wick,& cart checkout.

Student Lamp Sans Rival Chimney with 1 7/8 fitter!!!

Standard glass lamp chimneys& Kosmos chimneys

Wicks for virtually every heater, stove and lamp made since 1850

Center Draft Lamp chimneysin borosilicate glassfrom Junior Tiny to Mammoth lamps.0M,Rayo Jr.,2 1/2,2 5/8,2 15/16,3 1/8,4,4 1/2

Miller Ideal 0 Student Lamp wick sleeve

Rochester store lamp made by Miller.

Lamp Chimneys- Dimension of nominal base diameter by make, model and line.

Miller column lamp, 2 burner, with Empress embossing.

(Photos, information and history, etc)


Kindler Wicking For Oil Stoves & Ranges

Owned and photographed by Stuart Driver ofEdward Miller & Company of Meriden, CT. USA

Globe Vulcan (Central Vulcan) Chimneys-18,24&30

Miller 0 Hanging Lamp from my collection.

An exceedingly rare Miller Mill Lamp. No other photos or references to this lamp can be found. It may be a one-off unique lamp! Owned and photographed by

Edward Miller & Company of Meriden, CT. USA

Miller column lamp, 1, with Empress embossing.

Photos of restored center draft lamps

Site Index for all things Perfection

Miller Home Lamp, tinned steel body

I have photographs of many Miller lamps, a clock and some heaters which are not illustrated on other websites, so herewith are some photos. Click on the photos to enlarge them in a separate window.

Links to web sitesfor parts, information and restoration.

Miller Hand Lamps from size 2 down to size 0.

Miller 0 Student Lamp using a modified Vestal burner. From my collection.

Miller Smokeless Heater, later model.

Miller Home Lamp from my collection

(1884) on the right, 1887 model on the left. The bottom wick adjuster saved burned fingers! Rochester brand.

and a website from Germany

Miller Ideal 0 Student Lamp font & wick sleeve.

Another very rare Miller banquet lamp, again with Dresden or Empress embossing and wick raiser system yet it has a 2 draft tube and 2 burner.Cast brass, engraved foot. Note that the column is similar to aMiller No. 55Duplex Study Lamp font! Owned and photographed by

List by wick number and the heaters that fit them.(A helpful guide for buying on eBay)

Miller 3 with rare cast foot. Owned by Alex Muzyka.

An early Miller Heater made by using a store lamp font with a modified burner. Note the cast base in the photo at far right. That base was also used for store lamps to sit in a table rather than a hanging frame and enabled the wick riser rod to lower beneath the foot on the font. This particular Miller burner was modified to use what became the standard twist-knob method of wick raising.

Wicks for kerosene space heaters,click here.

Vestal 1 next to a Perfection lamp

Fabulous Miller 1, owned and photographed by

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