6 Benefits of Castor Oil For Eyes

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Eyes are so delicate organ of your body yet carry tremendous visual and aesthetic functions. This is why there are numerous insdustry eyecare products aiming to strip of your pocket in different ways. While most of them are simply placebo without any real effects, some others require an extended period of usage to keep your eyes in expected conditions. This is not to mention the unwanted amount of chemical substance that you welcome into your body through the way of commercial treatments.

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As eyes are very sensitive and delicate, you must choose high grade castor oil for eye uses.Additionally, you should always make sure that you are using the refrigerated pressed castor oil whenever you apply it onto the eyes or eyes skin. Although castor oil rarely incur side effects when used in moderation, experts advise that you should alway watch how your eyes react to castor oil before carrying on a prolonged application.

Long lashes bring your eyes a dreamy and attractive look that every women desire. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have long and thick eyelashes when born. Additionally, just like hair, eyelashes fall down from time to time and have limited ability to regrow. In these cases, you can resort to castor oil as it is capable of growing and thickening eyelashes. Besides, castor oil can prevent your eyelashes from breaking and falling down byadding nutrientsto keep your lashes healthy and resilient.

Use another cotton ball and dip it into the castor oil.

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First you have to clean your face and carefully remove all make-up traces, especially in the eye areas.

What are some important notices when using castor oil for eyes?

You can either apply castor oil alone or use it in combination with other ingredients to balance out strong effect of the acid in it. For instance, a mixture ofcastor oil and cream,coconut oil, milk oralmond oilis particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The combined formula is also useful if you simply want to carefully test how your skin react to castor oil before you decide to use it for an extended period.

It is adviced that you apply oil treatment on eyes at night on a regular basis till you get the desired result. In the morning, you should clean the oil using cotton pad and eye make-up remover.

What are the benefits of castor oil for eyes?

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If the above are also your concerns, then castor oil is a perfect natural solution for your eyes problems. A long time ago, ancient people, ie. Egyptian pharaohs, Persian and Chinese already started to discover the amazing benefits ofcastor oil for eyes. Till now, castor oil has become one of the most popular restorative home remedies used widely by celebrities and housewives globally. This article will discuss why castor oil works for eyes, what problems it can fix and how to apply it onto your eyes, and finally show you some tips in buying and usingcastor oil for eyes.

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Use a cotton ball to apply toner to the skin beneath your eyes to balance out the effect of cleanser.

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Clean your face with normal cleansing foam and dry with a clean towel.

Drop castor oil using clean dropper to the infected eye. Also remember to use the organic pressed castor oil of high quality only. You can use your ring finger to rub the oil around gently for it can deeply penetrate into the beneath layers of skin to kill the bacteria.

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jamaican black castor oil for hair growth

What are the benefits of castor oil for eyes ? andWhy castor oil is useful for eyes treatment?

Each night, at bed time, use a clean drop bottle and place one drop in both eyes. As you sleep, the oil will work better to fix the cataracts without interfering with your vision.

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Castor oil is rich in fatty acid and 90% of which is ricinoleic acid. Such ingredients make castor oil not only a home remedy for skin but also an inexpensive natural treatment for your eyes. Besides, castor oil has that amazing ability rarely seen in other vegetable oils which is todeeply penetrate into the skin and dissolve impurities stuck in existing oil of the face. Therefore, castor oil possesses the cleansing, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties that might tailor well with every eyes problem you may have.

Let the oil to absorb within 5 to 20 minutes, then wash it with cleaner and clean water.

Why castor oil is useful for eyes treatment?

In general,castor oil for eyesis such an economical and effective herbal treatment that every family housewives should have at least one in their fridge.

Burning sensation, redness, pink-eye occuring around the eyelids are some examples of eye aliments associated with inflammtory and infective bacteria. Castor oil is the number one home remedy to cure inflamed eyes. Every household should store at least one jar of castor oil as an herbal first aid medication for family use.

Then gently pat the oil onto your outer areas of your laughing lines beside your eyes, followed by the inner area of your eyes along the nose.

Dry eyes is an eye aliment that affects more than 60% of the worlds population. Lack of lubrication in the eyes is the major cause of this condition. Signs that indicate you have dry eyes include blurred vision at night, after working on the computer or eye pain after waking up in the morning. The best natural remedy you can resort to in such cases is pure castor oil.

One amazing benefit of castor oil is to dissolve cataracts early before it progresses to late stages. Daily use of castor oil can cure cataracts within 2 to 6 months subject to the degree of development. Do not use castor oil for bath or oil packs. Make sure that the oil you use is pressed organic castor oil. High grade castor oil can be found easily on eBay, Amazon and local pharmacies.

Wrinkles are troublesome by-product of the aging process that obsess all women. But many commercial brands are too expensive when it comes toeye care products. Then castor oil has emerged to be an economical and green alternative to budget housewives and vegan lovers. With its emolient and absorbing properties, castor oil fights against even the most stubborn wrinkles of your eyes.

Finally, use the brush to rub castor oil carefully on your eyelashes.

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After that, use a clean eyeliner brush and dip it into the castor oil.

Take a clean dropper to store pure castor oil and administer one drop in each eyes. Repeat the application twice or three times a day if you want the condition to improve quickly. But experts advise that castor oil for dry eyes is best when applied just before bed time on a regular basis till the problem is cured.

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As we age, the thin skin beneath your eyes suffer from increasing shortage of collagen, thus get thinner and allow green veins to expose, creating dark circles. Stress, sleep deprivation, unbalanced diet are also associated with dark circles. Castor oil can help your skin rejuvenate and fade away those dark cirlces.

Why castor oil is useful for eyes treatment?

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