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Ditmar Deamon(Requires a weird 71mm (2 11/16) diameter wick. Not available.)

Auto Motor Heater diagramfrom my collection.

Aladdin S181U Tropic heater,an unusual round radiant with a steel catalytic converter and bottom tank. The Tropic will work as an emergency stove because it has no glass parts or insulation over the catalytic converter, and the low heat output is ideal for survival rooms, motor homes or travel trailers.From my collection.

List by wick number and the heaters that fit them.

National OS-12 Minimade in 1978. Sold under the Panasonic brand name in the US.

Small Haller heater. Photos1(heater),2(nameplate),3(font),4(wick sleeve).Photographs by the owner, Jean-paul Willems

Center draft circular wick;Rochester Lamp CoBradley & Hubbard 89& 96, Miller 3, Juno 3, 3 Banner andStandardstore lamps (4 3/16 wide and 8 1/2 flat)

Butterfly 2413 single burner(gravity flow, edge-burning wick design)

Calorifix(Made in Germany by HASAG). Photos:1234. 71mm wick available,click here.

Grand 8.. Photos by owner who restored this beauty, Douglas Remsen III. Wick for Grand 8,click here.

EcoFan for wood stoves.The difference in temperature between the base and the fins on the top creates enough electricity to turn a fan and circulate heat. This fan has very limited use for kerosene heaters: It cannot be use on a convection heater; it can be used on some radiant heaters which are not insulated on top, but not over open vent holes directly over the catalytic converter. It works very well on an Aladdin Tropic, but the photo shows it cannot get enough heat to move on the well insulated Aladdin TR2000.From my collection.

Single wick Golden Star stove,frontbackopen.From my collection.

Cook stand(made from a metal aquarium frame)

Califorix heater2Compared to Haller.Made in Germany by HASAG after 1899. These heaters used a 71mm wick. The draft tube is 2.664 diameter, compared to 2.50 for a Perfection heater. A Perfection 500 wick must be removed from the carrier, a seam opened and then loosely sewn back together.From my collection.

Note: Butterfly stoves are available from

Aladdin Blue Flame-generic photo of the style. Abrass Blue Flameowned by Dennis Anderson.

Haller Stove/Heater combination.Photo courtesy ofManfred Koster.

Kerosene Lamp Wicks – center draft, circular wicks

Diesel truck tanks for kerosene storage(Old steel Mack truck 110 gallon tanks salvaged (i.e., free). I cleaned them up, painted them, then put them on cradles built from pressure treated 4 x 4x and 2 x 4s for cross bracing. A boiler valve with 1/2 clear vinyl tubing allows containers to be filled by gravity flow. They have worked like a charm since I set them up in 1999.

Kerosene Heater(To find a wick for your heater,click here.) Photos of all wicks,click here.

AGA Heater, andcloseup burning.From The Netherlands.Photo courtesy of Manfred Koster.

Perfection 400 wick, for 300 and 400 series heaters, no tails.

Valor No. 420 Parlor heater.Front cover removedto show burner unit.From my collection.

Stove setup(kerosene stove canning operation)(I made this setup for my wife.)

Measurements needed if you have an unlisted heater

,essentially a copy of the Perfection 500.

Photos of other wicks – click here – listed by wick number.

Superbe Poele Lampe Petrole Doue Equator

Stoves as heaters(various types of heat sinks on stoves)From my collection.

DynaGlo convection heater(RMC95, CV-2300, etc)

History: Turm is a brand name of Meyer and Niss from Hamburg, which since 1910 to the end of the 60s produced among other things petroleum furnaces and spirits. The best known is the tower kiln L 51, which was used as a petroleum heater in the Swiss army. In the early years, however, the design was similar to the heaters of Adolphi and Haller, all of which were also based in Hamburg. From these developed the likewise popular and widespread tower Grnrock, according to its green-black coloring.

DC-100on wagon, back view. I made the wagon using the wheels, axles and tongue from a discarded childs wagon. The plywood bed is 19 1/2 wide x 22 long.

Nissei Miky Oh, Hyper Clima.

Decal label on WC-105heater showing the last letter denoting type N.

Tony Sun radiant heater,made in China, and not very well.No longer a part of my collection.

Wicks for virtually every heater, stove and lamp made since 1850

CanaveralModel 8500, (Made in Germany by TURM.) US Distributor, Robert Evans Co., Jacksonville, FLA. 71mm wick available,click here.

Everglow P-E3,Another unusual Everglo heater. Owned and photographed by Mark Bartlett.

Cook stand(supports wide and heavy pots above stove) (Instructions on how I made the cook stand.)

Butterfly 2416(two burner, side tank)

Note: Butterfly brand kerosene stoves are available from

Victorian Era Heaters made using store lamps

KeroWorld Model 1104sold in Canada – it is a DynaGlo RMC55

RCA-87 radiant heater.Was part of my collection.

Heater WicksHeater AccessoriesHeatersStoves

Timit heater sold on Cyprus.(Wicks for Timit,click here.)

Phoebus Demon heater.A small, rare heater made in Austria for heating seasonal cabins in the Alps.

B&H No 4 Radiant lampL&B Belgian 20“` lamp(2 flat x 7 1/2 flat)

Student Lamp Sans Rival Chimney with 1 7/8 fitter!!!

Turm L51Blaubrenner (Blue Flame Heater)(German) burning my new wick.From my collection.This heater is currently being sold in the US as a military surplus Swiss or Swedish Tent Heater: Consumption per hour approx 0.35 pints .approx 6500 B.Th. Us/hr per filling appox 16 hours burning time.Video of heater burning of heater available,click here.

Century 20 heater.Unlighted.20 Veritas lampinsert in a beautiful old parlor stove.Owned and photographed by Scott Gray.

Kerosene Heater(Back to top of page)

Moonlighter.KeroSun. Nickel plated.Owned by Alex Muzyka.

Aladdin Model 63(SeeAladdin pagefor wicks) (Photo of wick box.) (Photo of wick.)

Kerowind electric fan.This all-metal fan can sit on top of a heater and help distribute the heat. Note the vents on top: air is pulled down through the top, cooling the electric motor, and then blown through the circular 1/2 gap at the base of the unit, thus circulating heated air slightly toward the floor. Note also that the electric cord is suspended on a wire rack to keep it away from the most intense heat.From my collection.

Beatrice Parlor Heater Model No. 4012,English-made heater using a small diameter circular wick. Probably 50 years old and I will have to rebuild it, but it is a fine example of small British room heaters.

Center Draft Circular wick (1 11/16 flat x 7 7/8 flat)

Aladdin B61(SeeAladdin pagefor wicks)

Wards Porto fount.No wicks available.

English Greenhouse Heaterfrom my collection.Unique 2,100 BTU heater which uses two 1 wide wicks to provide the heat for the metal chimney. Not for indoor use as they do have an aroma when burning. Available for about $50 USD from

Beatrice Boiling Stovedated 1901, with a cast iron base. Note chimney is identical in style, above.

Harper Beatrice Boiling Stove,made in England, probably post war, likely used as a caravan heater and stove. Essentially, this is a very successful update of the 1880s sad iron heater such as the Golden Star. This heater uses a 4 wide wick cut from the B&H lamp wick. It can boil a teakettle of water in 10 minutes – with no fumes or soot. Virtually identical to an all-brass stove made in Germany circa 1900.From my collection.

Panasonic OS-1000R. Also sold asEmail 545 YRJ9000 and Fyrside YRJ 9,000 (in Australia), National OS-201R, OS-206R, -208R, -212R, and OS-1,000R (in Japan and South Africa).I am trying to get wicks for this heater.

Alphabetical list of most kerosene heaters and the proper wick,& cart checkout.

Kerosene Stoves – Recommendations on different models

Sepulchre Heating Table.Owned, restored and photographed byManfred Koster.

Heat Mate H-110. Also sold as a Sengoku.

Auto Motor Heater instructions, and Primer Wick availability.

Sharp-Pechka radiant heatersold in Canada in the 1970s.From my collection.

Sans Rival borosilicate chimney for 14 Kosmos lampsNew!

Three wick Golden Star stove,front, and another three wickopen.

Butterfly 2418(two burner, center tank)From my collection.

Butterfly 2421 Oven for Kerosene Stoves

Butterfly A-822, 22 wick, all-aluminum premium stove.

Golden Crown Combo heater.Unusualflat wick heaterfromThe Netherlands.From my collection.

Swastik(12 strand wick design)From my collection.

WC-105 Type Non cart built from a inexpensive Chinese hand truck. In the summer, this cart sees duty as a beehive work cart.From my collection.

Burner lifted on Butterfly stove(gravity flow wick design)

Auto Motor Heaterfrom my collection.

Karan 212 (Golden Night)(2 burner, high heat output)From my collection.

Aladdin Series 7.Photo courtesy of Manfred Koster.

EZ No. A512(3 3/4 draft tube, 4 diameter wick.Custom wick.)

Haller Original plateburner.Hamburg Altona/Ottensen Germany, circa 1925 – 1945?.Photos courtesy of Rdiger Pech, Germany. This heater uses the C71custom wick.

Premier Jr.(8 strand wick design)From my collection.

Heaters from the Netherlands.Photos courtesy ofManfred Koster.

KeroWorld Model CV2230-it is a Heat Mate HMHC2230

Photo Album for Lamps, Lanterns and Chimneys, click here

(A helpful guide for buying on eBay)

Barler 3,restored byMelissa McDaniel

Photos of restored center draft lamps.

Beatrice Boiling Stove,label reads Harper-Beatrice, uses a 4 flat wick to produce heat for cooking and heating a small room. It had only been used a few times when I found it.

Everglow P-E12 normal view, andfront panel removed.A most unusual radiant heater. It appears to be a regular radiant heater, but the lower front panel removes to reveal a bottom fuel tank with everything attached. The entire assembly can beremoved as one piecefor cleaning and service. Excellent design!From my collection.

Heat Mate HMHR 1101 radiant heater.A very fine heater at a reasonable price. Ive used this one for over nine years.

Wicks 37 and 37Afor Aladdin Blue Flame: note difference in clips versus pins/buttons

Sunbeam OHR G28HN,photo thanks to Tony.

Sad Iron heaters and mini wick stovesfrom the 1880s up, American and European.

Brooder heater, not a P&A, with original chimney and mica window.

Marin m 3000, a re-badgedCorona 12DK. Useswick 30.

Beatrice 33 Boiling Stove,dated 1901, with an enameled base and rare top plate extensions. Photographed next to my Harper Beatrice to show the size difference.From my collection.

Care & Maintenance of Kerosene Heater Wicks

AGA Oil.Photo courtesy of Manfred Koster.

Marshall Wells No 33 heaterPatent Oct 26, 1897.Font and wick sleeve. The wick tube is 4.75 id and 5 inches tall. For wicks,click here.

Malleys Warma.Operating instructions. Information onAussie heaters page.

the least expensive emergency stove

Record heaterbrochure,operating instructions. Very rare, made in OZ.

Beatrice No. 4012 compared in size to Perfection 730.From my collection.

Perfection 500 wick-Original.Perfection 500 heater wickfrom Hattersley.

Butterfly 2412, disassembled pieces(can be packed)

1918 Perfection heater advertisement.Note the thrust of the advertisement: A kerosene heater allowed a family to avoid crowds obtaining coal to heat their homes and thus avoid the influenza pandemic which ravaged the world, killing at least 20,000,000 people. And now we have the possibility of an avian flu pandemic that could be far worse than the one in 1918!!!From my collection.

Aladdin TR2000 heater,a small radiant using a wick of only 2 1/16 diameter and a glass chimney within a deep parabolic reflector, almost a personal size for arthritis therapy and heating a small room. The heater is set up on an inexpensive Harbor Freight hand truck/cart with a 16 1/2 x 23 1/2 plywood base for easy moving to where it is needed.From my collection.

Haller Original Heater(Netherlands);close up burning, wick positionupdown.Photo courtesy of Manfred Koster.

KOGY 100- An exceptionally well-designed and -built heater from Taiwan. Theiris-style emergency shut-offis crafted like a watch, covering and sealing the wick instead of the usual wick-retraction system.

Kerosene heater wick-with pins. Note two pins are showing; on the left the pin height is illustrated.

Nesco wick, a clone of the Perfection 500 Stove Co.Model US-89A wick.

Pocket kerosene stovefrom WW I era, folding for easy carrying. Quite rare! A stand unfolds from the lid for balancing a small pot or canteen. The brass cap on the lower right screws tightly over the wick so kerosene does not leak during carrying. A US 25 cent coin and a WW I era .25-20 Winchester cartridge case are shown as comparison for size. This little stove uses a 1 1/2 section of lamp wick to produce heat – not much – but it is an interesting piece of history.From my collection.

Premier Sr.(10 strand wick design)From my collection.

Valor 525 heater,essentially a copy of the Perfection and using the Perfection 500 wick. This is one of the very few Valor heaters which used a commonly available wick, their other models being designed for unusual proprietary wicks.

Centre Draught Oil Lamps English and European Models

Butterfly 2418 Double Burner Stove;

Mini stoveI made using a P&A Brooder House Heater as the base, using expanded metal as a cook surface.

SMP Hot Blast heater. Same as theGSW Hot Blast heater.

Center draft circular wick (2 1/2 flat, 7 1/2 flat)

Perfection heater photos are on the Perfection Site Index

Center draft circular wick (2 1/2 flat, 8 3/4 flat)

Heat Mate CV-2230 convection heater.Thebest buy of new convection heaters.

Kerosene heater wick-no pins:a normal fiberglass-topped heater wick without pins.

Sharp HSR-88F,made in January, 1981. These were sold in Canada and do not have UL approval, lacking a tip-over switch. With the bottom tank and a nice carry handle, this heater would be ideal for a fishing hut or some other purpose where the heater would have to be carried and move frequently, as the bottom tank is far less prone to spill fuel when moved. I purchased and refurbished it just in case someone wanted it for that purpose.

Kerosene Stove Maintenance and Storage

Globe Incandescentshown open.Made by The Standard Lighting Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

Corona SX-2E radiant heateron cart.From my collection.

Butterfly 2412 pressure stove(best backpack kero stove)From my collection.

Mini stoveI made using a P&A Brooder House Heater as the base, but using an electrical switch cover as the cooking platform. Note that this unit should be used outside until the galvanizing is burned off.

Haller Origineel,a German stove. This is a small stove, about 6 x 9, and uses a thin 2 9/16th wick.More photos and information here.From my collection.

Moonlighter reflector.Shown sitting on top of a DC-100. This reflector is designed to fit behind the glass chimney on a Moonlighter heater, reflecting heat toward the front while allowing the heater to be closer to a combustible wall or furnishings. The reflector is stainless steel with an insulation air space and an enameled back panel. It was designed to be attached to the grill.From my collection.

DC-100 convection/radiant heateron dolly.From my collection.

Mini Kerosene Heaters(Brooder house, well pump house, etc)From my collection.


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