Plastic Air

4 Fluorescent Wrap Replacement Lenses

We had a goal of creating a consolidated spot on the web for you to get answers to all of your ceiling needs. Look around, become a member of the forum, ask away. guarantees to simplify your life, one ceiling solution at a time.

SAV-A-CEILING Acoustic Ceiling Coating

2 Fluorescent Wrap Replacement Lenses

White Flexible Overlay & Basket Lens

Ceiling Air Deflectors and Diverters

48 Long Cable Tie/Duct Straps (4945-Tie)-Free Shipping

1×1 White Plastic Antique Diffuser (4946W-Antique)

Black Plastic Perforated Tile/Return-.080 thick with 1/2 perforations (4994B-080-50)

Air Diverters & Deflectors for HVAC

Plaster Ceiling Mounting Frames (4770-xx)

Stratus Plastic Air Diffusers & Plastic Vents

WHITE 1/8 PERF, 2×2 White Plastic Perforated tile @ .156 gauge (4994W-156-125)

White Plastic CONE Style Air Diffuser-40 Per Pallet-Shipping Included

1×1 Square Standard 4-way grille/damper/box (4946W-4way)

Aerosol Stain Blockers & Spray Glue

2×2 White Plastic PLAQUE Style Air Diffuser-40 Per Pallet-Shipping Included

SAME DAY SHIPPING AVAILABLE.Place your order by 1:00PM EST, Mon-Fri (excluding holidays), for item s 4945, 4989, 4990 and we will ship same day.

Address:2643 Grand Ave., Bellmore, NY 11710

1×1 3-way air flow white plastic grille (4946-3way)

2×2 WHITE Plastic Egg Crate Filtered RETURN (4989W-EC-)

1 x 1 White Plastic Return w/damper (4946W-RetDamp)

1×1 Black Plastic Antique Diffuser (4946BK-Antique)

Working Days/Hours:Mon – Fri / 8:30AM – 4:30PM

Egg Crate Louvers & Light Diffusers

2×2 WHITE Plastic Egg Crate RETURN w/20×20 sq. opening (STR-ERFG-W)

12.5 Round White Plastic Standard Air Grille (4946W)

Plastic Air

Diffuser Insulation Tent (4995-Tent)

WHITE 3/8 PERF, 2×2 White Plastic Perforated tile @ .100 gauge (4994W-100-375)

At , we carry a wide selection of plastic air diffusers, mounting frames, returns, and collars. We even have round and square plastic ceiling diffusers in a range of popular colors, including white, beige, and black. Shop our entire selection below to find the perfect match for your application.

WHITE 1/2 PERF, 2×2 White Plastic Perforated tile @ .100 gauge (4994W-080-.50)

Plastic air ventsoffer a long-lasting, high-quality solution for any commercial HVAC system. Because these diverters are made from high-quality, high-impact plastic, they will not rust, change colors, or clog as easily as diverters made from metal. StratusPlastic air diffusers byAmerican Louverare lightweight and easy to install, and they make for a beautiful finish to any installation or repair.

2×2 BLACK Plastic Egg Crate Filtered Return w/20×20 sq. opening (STR-ERFG-BK)

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