Reaping the Seeds

The names of the three trees are from different mythologies:

The first seed is obtained fromJievarasat Camp Courage, east ofDragon Cliff Castle. He asks you to turn into adragonand kill threewyvernsthat have been pestering him. Speak to him again when the task is complete.

Question:Strange creatures, we cannot speak, though we have mouths and broad bellies. We sail on ships crowded with kin. What are we?

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Question:It eats tales, wolfs down words. A weird diet that may seem – the songs of man, his chants of glory – and yet, after the feast, the devourer is none the wiser. What is it?

Companions (Divinity: Original Sin)

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Boreas Treasure Room (Divinity: Original Sin)

Once all the seeds have been gathered, return to the Primordial Cave and talk to each of the statues to complete the quest.

The second seed is acquired fromYggdrasil, on the small island south of the Primordial Cave. He asks you to kill agoblinnamedCharlieon the northern end of the island. Speak to him again when the task is complete.

The third seed is received FromIrminsul, across the water (east) of theRed Hammer Tribewaypoint shine. He asks you to answer some riddles:

After feeding the statues the seeds you receive the following rewards:

Question:It swings by his thigh, hangs below the belt, a hole in its front end, stiff-set and stout it swivels about. Leveling the head its wielder hoists its high because it is his will to fill a well-known hole hes oft filled before. What is it?

is aplot questobtained in thePrimordial Caveby talking to the dragon head statues that guard a door which must be opened to proceed with the main questHall of Echoes Bound. After speaking with the statues, you need to obtain three Magic Seeds to feed them. Thebookfound on the table next to nearby the dead priest,Ancient Parchment, provides some background information on the statues. The seeds can be gathered in any order, and each is a sub-quest with its own rewards.

Two choices of: 4250 exp, 600 gold, 1armor, 1charm, 1jewelry, 1weapon

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