Recall List

–House Repair or Construction Materials

-Pretend Electronics or Tools or Housewares and Appliances

About 900 (in addition, about 100 were sold in Canada)

-Home Cleaning Appliances and Equipment

–Workshop Grinders or Buffers or Polishers

-Dolls or Plush Toys or And Action Figures

–Cisterns or Cesspools or Septic Tanks

Fuel can spray from the fuel tank when opening the gas cap, posing a fuel leak and fire hazard.

The womens scarves fail to meet the federal flammability standard for clothing textiles, posing a risk of burn injuries to consumers.

–Flashlights or Battery-Powered Lanterns

The ladders can break while in use, posing a fall hazard to the user.

–Draperies and Curtains and Shower Curtains

–Gas or Air or Spring-Operated Guns

Home Appliances, Maintenance and Structures

–Porches or Balconies or Open-Side Floors or Floor Openings

–Computers Equipment and Accessories

-Telephones or Cell Phones and Accessories

Consumers should immediately take the recalled decor off the wall and inspect the hanging hardware to check for the recalled metal adjustable j-hooks. If the decor has the recalled metal adjustable j-hooks, do not re-hang the recalled decor. Consumers with recalled metal adjustable j-hooks should contact Uttermost to receive free replacement adjustable j-hooks with free shipping.

-Building Materials and Home Structures

–Pictures or Picture Frames or Wall Decorations

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–Portable Food or Beverage Coolers

Helmets R Us Recalls Helmets Due to Risk of Head Injury (Recall Alert)

–Internal Combustion Engines (Nonvehicular)

–Other Yard or Home Improvement Equipment

-Blocks or Stacking Toys or Pull Toys

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-Cycling and Scooters and Skateboards and Skates

–Plant Foods or Fertilizers For Potted Plants

-Heating and Ventilation and Air Conditioning

–Electric or Battery-Powered Knives

–Other Portable or Stationary Power Tools

–Remote Control (Not Remotes For Toys)

–Handrails or Railings or Banisters

The scuba diving regulators can restrict airflow at low tank pressures (below 500 psi), posing a drowning hazard to divers.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled ladders and return the ladder to the store of purchase to receive a full refund.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled scarves and contact Yangtze Store for a full refund. Yangtze Store is contacting all known purchasers directly.

–Surge Suppressors or Power Strips

–Combination Clothes Washer-Dryers

–Fuels For Chafing Dishes/Fondue Pots

–Dressers, Desks, Chests and Buffets

–Heating or Cooling Comfort Packs (Nonelectric)

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled vehicles and contact a BRP Can-Am ATV dealer for a free repair. BRP is contacting all known purchasers directly.

–Squash or Racquet Ball or Paddle Ball

–Propane or LP or Butane Gas Tanks and Fittings

The incorrect label on the lamp states that consumers can use 40 watt lightbulbs in the product. However, the socket is only designed to support 25 watt lightbulbs. Use of incorrect wattage lightbulbs can melt the power switch, posing a burn hazard.

-Other Home Maintenance and Structures

–Glass Bathtub or Shower Enclosures

–Stereo or Hi-Fi Components or Accessories

-Lawn Mowers and Leaf Blowers and Lawn Vacuums

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled scuba diving regulators and contact a local Oceanic or Hollis dealer for a free repair.

Regulations, Mandatory Standards and Bans

–Radiators (not Vehicle Radiators)

-Other Sports and Recreation Activities

–Residential Alternative Energy Systems

–Art or Ceramics Supplies And Equipment (Not Paintbrushes)

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Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled helmets and contact Helmets R Us to receive a free replacement helmet.Helmets R Us is contacting all known purchasers directly.

–Telescopes or Binoculars or Microscopes or Magnifying Glasses

–Padlocks or Chain Locks or Other Locks

–Electric Frying Pans And Skillets

–Manual Cleaning Equipment (Not Buckets And Pails)

Consumers should immediately stop using and unplug the recalled floor lamps and contact Ashley Furniture for instructions on how to receive a full refund of the purchase price. Ashley Furniture is contacting all known purchasers directly.

-Recreational Vehicles (Unlicensed)

–Stationary Power Drills And Accessories

–Paint Thinners or Varnish Thinners

-Laundry and Fabric Care and Sewing

–Hair Grooming Equipment or Accessories

–Glass Doors or Doors With Glass Panels

–Dollies or Handtrucks or Luggage Carriers

–Bedspreads and Throws and Comforters

–Runners or Throw Rugs or Doormats is an official website of the United States government.

–Drapery or Curtain Rods or Hooks or Rings

–Nails or Screws or Carpet Tacks or Thumbtacks

Recall List

Furniture and Furnishings and Decorations

–Window Shades and Venetian Blinds and Indoor Shutters

–Outdoor Electric Lighting Equipment

–Panelboards or Circuit Breakers or GFCIs or Fuses

–Garden Hoses or Nozzles or Sprinklers

–Cosmetics or Make-Up or Deodorants

The helmets fail to meet the federal safety standard, posing a risk of head injury. is the U.S. governments official web portal.

–Batteries (Other than Button Batteries)

–Thermometers (Excluding Medical Thermometers)

-Cables and Surge and Power Protection

–Lawn Trimmers or Edgers (Not Brushcutters)

–Nonglass Bathtub or Shower Enclosures

–Potholders or Oven Mitts or Hot Pads

–Paint or Varnish Removers or Paintbrush Cleaners

–Knickknacks or Statues or Vases or Urns

–Sofas or Couches or Davenports or Divans or Studio Couches

–General Purpose Household Cleaners

Toll Free Consumer Hotline Time: 8 a.m. – 5.30. p.m. ET

The hanging hardware can break and allow the decor to fall, posing an injury hazard to bystanders.

–Toothpicks or Hors Doeuvres Picks

–Water Heaters (not Gas or Electric)

-Household Chemicals and Paint and Cleaning Products

–Video Players And Recorders (Not Cameras)

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–Two-Wheeled Powered Off-Road Vehicles

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled workbench and power stations, unplug the power cord and contact Baccus Global for a free replacement or a full refund. Baccus is contacting all known purchasers directly.

–Soaps (Not Laundry Soaps or Detergents)

–Other Sound Recording or Reproducing or Receiving Equipment

-Slingshots or Sling-Propelled Toys

–Recreational Off-Road Vehicles (ROV)

–Kitchen Mixing Bowls or Canisters

About 4,500 (In addition, 330 were sold in Canada)

–Gutters or Drainpipes or Downspouts or Run-Off Pipes

–Automatic Garage Doors or Door Openers

–Portable Power Drills And Accessories

–Cabinets or Racks or Room Dividers or Shelves

–Automotive Waxes or Polishes or Cleaners

-Other Products at Public Facilities

–Power Workshop Grinders or Buffers or Polishers

–Footstools and Ottomans and Hassocks

–Hair Curlers or Curling Iron or Clips and Hairpins

–Tie Racks or Belt Racks or Other Clothes Hangers

-Other Furniture and Furnishings and Decorations

–Outdoor Patio Heaters or Firepits

–Books or Magazines or Albums or Scrapbooks

–Windows and Window Glass (Other Than Storm Windows)

-Billiards and Darts and Table Tennis

–Multi-Function Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier Machines

–Convertible Beds and Hideaway Beds and Sofa Beds

–Christmas Tree Stands or Supports

-Play Tents or Play Tunnels or Other Enclosures

The recalled workbench and power stations are wired incorrectly, which can result in reverse polarity, posing shock and electrocution hazards.

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