UK parliaments call for Zuckerberg to testify goes next level

UK parliaments call for Zuckerberg to testify goes next level

Its fair to say Facebook has handled this issue exceptionally badly leaving Collins toexpress public frustrationabout the lack of co-operation when, for example, he had asked it for help and information related to the UKs Brexit referendum turning what could have been a fairly easy to manage process into a major media circus-cum-PR nightmare.

Facebook has repeatedlyignoredtheDCMS committees requests that its CEO and founder appear before it preferring to send various minions to answer questions related to its enquiry into online disinformation and the role of social media in politics and democracy.

We reached out to Facebook to ask whether its CEO will now agree to personally testify in front of the committee by May 24, per its request, but the company declined to provide a public statement on the issue.

Following reports that he will be giving evidence to theEuropean Parliamentin May, we would like Mr Zuckerberg to come to London during his European trip. We would like the session here to place by 24 May, the committee writes in itslatest letterto the company, signed by its chair, Conservative MP Damian Collins.

Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla)May 1, 2018

If Zuckerberg does agree to testify hell be in for an even bumpier ride. And, well, if he doesnt it looks pretty clear the Facebook CEO wont be making any personal trips to the UK for a while.

BREAKING: This is pretty extraordinary. Parliament issues ultimatum to Facebook. EitherMark Zuckerbergcomes voluntarily. Or, hell face a summons next time he enters British territory. Facebook really couldnt have handled this much /VFyJrHXWel

Committee members also interrogated Schroepfer about why another Facebook employee who appeared before it in February had not disclosed an existing agreement between Facebook andCambridge Analytica.

I remain to be convinced that your company has integrity, he was told bluntly at one point during the hearing.

However for all Schroepfers sweating toil to try to stand in for the companys chief exec, his answers failed to impress UK parliamentarians. And immediately following the hearing the committee issued a press release repeating their call for Zuckerberg to testify, noting that Schroepfer had failed to provide adequate answers to as many of 40 of its questions.

Last week Schroepfer was on the sharp end of lots of awkward questions from visibly outraged committee members, with Collins pointing to what he dubbed a pattern of behavior by Facebook that he said suggested an unwillingness to engage, and a desire to hold onto information and not disclose it.

Yet the committee has been asking Facebook for straight answers for months. So you can see why its really mad now.

The UK parliament has issued an impressive ultimatum toFacebookin a last-ditch attempt to get Mark Zuckerberg to take its questions: Come and give evidence voluntarily or next time you fly to the UK youll get a formal summons to appear.

It is worth noting that, while Mr Zuckerberg does not normally come under the jurisdiction of the UK Parliament, he will do so the next time he enters the country, he adds. We hope that he will respond positively to our request, but if not the Committee will resolve to issue a formal summons for him to appear when he is next in the UK.

The most recent Zuckerberg alternative to appear before it was also the most senior: Facebooks CTO, Mike Schroepfer, whoclaimedhe had personally volunteered to make the trip to London to give evidence.

A company spokesperson did say it would be following up with the committee to answer any outstanding questions it had after Schroepfers session.

Schroepfer did sit through around five hours of grilling on a wide range oftopicswith the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal front and center the story having morphed into a major global scandal for the company after fresh revelations were published by the Guardian in March (although the newspaper actually published its first story about Facebook data misuse by the company all the way back in December 2015) though in last weeks hearing Schroepfer frequently fell back on claiming he didnt know the answer and would have to follow up.

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